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20 Responses

  1. Robert Barry says:


  2. RJ8812 says:

    and he didnt even miss a beat announcing what the prized were. what a

  3. kaiban42 says:

    time for concussion protocols…..

  4. gonzo powers says:

    Handled it like a pro

  5. Kenneth1435 says:

    Cue Price is Right losing horn at 0:07

  6. BaSkA says:


  7. KassRedFox says:

    I love the simplicity in the title of this video. I love his expression as
    the treadmill launchs him to the ground. I love this coffee I just bought.
    I love everyone in this comment section. And I love you too.

  8. Squishedinbetween says:

    You’re gonna go with the name, poo stick.

  9. Arturo Rivera says:

    But that girl next to the bike tho.

  10. Jose M says:


  11. EricDM33 says:

    That piece of paper he was handed threw off his balance.

  12. Coby Yollis says:

    The editor completely missed out an opportunity to play a “The Price is
    Wrong” horn when he fell in slow motion.

  13. MendezDrive says:

    Like a Boss!

  14. Ken MacMillan says:

    The Price Is Right Announcer Eats It While Trying To Jog Backwards On A

  15. killabeezle says:

    He was hurting inside and out

  16. a dog wearing a hat says:

    when keeping it real goes bad

  17. that's smawllz says:

    Totally kept his cool, made him the maddest cunt instead of a fail.

  18. でかい 猫浪 says:

    This wasn’t live TV.

  19. fastimes420 says:

    Don’t forget to get that idiot spayed or neutered

  20. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    I’ll bet you he wanted to stick his head in that oven as soon as this