“Falling” – A Minecraft Music Video ♪

“Falling” – A Minecraft Music Video ♪

Falling – A Minecraft Music Video

The Netherbane are on the hunt for those who were turned into Nether kin. As Rain tries to use the situation to form an alliance, Stella runs to the Mystic Forest to find closure with the late End Dancer.

Song – Falling by Blacklite District:

Directed and animated by Rainimator
Assistant animators:
DanoBadi https://twitter.com/DanoBadiMC
QCAnimations https://twitter.com/QCAnimations

Set designer:
CrossMight Arda https://twitter.com/CrossMight

Special thanks:
MrMichael https://twitter.com/michal121345
acorn https://twitter.com/acornanim
XEliteXCraftersX https://twitter.com/EliteX1XCrafter
Kamatayan https://twitter.com/kamatayanFX

👾 Rainimator Discord: https://discord.gg/8cdFS3A

~Follow me~
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rainolaguer
Instagram: https://instagram.com/radapedaxa

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73 Responses

  1. ImamCraft says:

    This is going to be the best birthday present.

  2. Fahad Anwar says:

    Quarantine sucks
    Rainimator : let me help

    Edit:love the song.

  3. Mellon Plays says:

    Rain: Gets a minecraft girlfriend
    The girlfriend: *Dies*

  4. Nicky TheGOAT says:

    The struggle is real waiting for this

  5. FieryFlame 129 says:

    Prediction: Next song, the Nether king will take over a bastion by killing the bastion kings and warriors. And then gets the piglins and Hoglins on their side

  6. clarick ombeng says:

    I like the way that Rain shows his purple eye to Kane, Rain just want to protect Stella from the strangers, and then the beatdown starts and finished with Rain’s victory

  7. Kasimir de Lataillade says:

    Any fan: Hey I like this character hopefully he’ll survi…
    Rainimator: DEATH

  8. Mimi Pham says:

    I was DYING for this to come out I waited so long
    Like 8 hours for this

  9. GuyThePerson says:

    Someone: Rain how many eye colors will you add?
    Rainimator: Yes

  10. Vaithex says:

    Wow, this animation is beautiful. I’ve been with this series since it first started, and damn… you’ve improved, man. And the plot is freaking insane with this one — I love how well portrayed it is, even though nobody speaks. Character development is smooth, the plot has stayed consistent through the whole series, and just…

    Congrats, man. You’ve come so far with this series, and I’m always so excited to see more.

    I’d also like to credit blacklite district, the artist behind this and most other songs from this series. Their songs have gotten me out of some really rough spots over the past three years. I’m beyond glad to see Kyle’s not given up after all this time, either.

    Well done, everybody. Y’all have definitely earned 1M. <3

  11. ItsMeSean XD says:

    Make more series of this stuff! They are so entertaining!

  12. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    He doesn’t make simple music videos, he makes actual masterpieces.

  13. Neiman The Magic Ninja Brother says:

    Stella: I will kill you

    Rain:uno reverse card

    Also Stella: ok I’m good

  14. • Kawaii Peach • says:

    Me: *Sees I’m 5 hours late*
    Also me: *Rage*

  15. ӏօաƙҽվ ժҽթɾҽտտҽժ says:

    *when everyone thought Ciara was gonna be his new girlfriend*

  16. Nigel Seow says:

    ciara and stella, having a 1v1 duel and stella doesnt want to lose,
    stella: hmm i know, i can use magic and just slam her into a tree, perfect!

  17. jellyfish weeb says:

    The struggle is real. *The struggle to keep your minecraft girlfriend alive*

  18. MrDemolisher says:

    You know something’s up when Rain’s vid comes out after 1 month of the previous video instead of the usual 4-6 months.

  19. Derek Mumaw says:

    1:28 That face is “Are you kidding me right now?”

  20. Nicol�s God�nez Barr�n says:

    Who remember when this is just an zombie apocalypse

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