Fallout 4 – Launch Trailer

Fallout 4 – Launch Trailer

Watch the official gameplay launch trailer for Fallout 4, available worldwide on Tuesday, November 10th. Welcome Home.

To learn more about Fallout 4, visit Bethesda.net or visit these Fallout sites

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20 Responses

  1. Generator says:

    [Speech, 48%] Dear Bethesda, i lost my collectors edition copy. Can you
    please send me another ? 

  2. Cuthbert Bracegirdle says:

    I can’t believe people still fall for Bethesda games. You all know this
    won’t be playable upon release. That it will be plagued with bugs that make
    it barely playable. But you will all plop down your 80 dollars anyway, and
    then whine and complain until a year and a half later when some gamers fix
    all of Bethesda’s bugs for them because they are too lazy and smug to do it
    themselves. Have fun with that!

  3. CRAZYFISH Vince + David + Gamb says:

    “War never changes.”
    Great cliche there.

  4. advanced boy says:


  5. fivetw0six says:

    “Bethesda fucking nailed it” as they say.

  6. Aussie Roberts says:

    next time don’t use a shitty female character to show the game

  7. Richard Dunican says:

    Goosebumps * 10000000 holy crap I had to watch this a 2nd time. This game
    is going to be so amazing! I will have a hard time sleeping Monday night! I
    can’t wait to be immersed in this story come Tuesday. Gonna be streaming
    the entire thing, thank you bethesda for making this year great!

  8. Jax Maodive says:

    Fuck you bethesda… Why the hell are you doing this to me…

  9. Wilford .Brimley says:

    As a true Fallout fan, I cannot wait for this game. The game looks
    absolutely stunning and I’ll bet there is so much fun and entertaining
    stuff to do. That being said, I think the only thing that concerns me is
    how poorly the npcs and main character talk, their mouths look disgusting
    and do not match at all with what they are saying. Regardless, I’m Wilford
    Brimley signing off saying, Diabetes.

  10. Mitchell Kelly says:

    my sister said this game sucks because of the graphics.. words anyone? -.-

  11. jontheballer says:

    Your reviewer embargo policy for this game is retarded. You guys do realize
    the game has been streaming for a week now online.

  12. Aarne Rissanen says:

    1:33 Star wars?

  13. Dyre Vyper says:

    Ohh no. On the 10th my social life is going to take a beating.

  14. Eathonylunchtano says:

    Some people are spoiling the ending in comment threads. Be careful. Fuck
    you if you spoiled the end for someone, you are the scum of the earth.

  15. Archibald Fooster says:

    This appears to be focusing on the main story a lot more than other
    Bethesda games.

  16. Alweedo says:

    the jizz is now running down my leg… on to my monitor.

  17. Saber is love, Saber is life says:

    2:32 Dat ass.

  18. Consider This says:

    Welp, my life is about to end.

  19. blob t says:

    BREAKING NEWS: based on US labor & employment statistics, large number of
    employees filed long vacation leaves starting on Nov.10,2015. Authorities
    are still investigating the issue. It’s not connected to Fallout4,right?

  20. denil Smirnov says:

    Why do not you want to make a Russian voice acting? I was hoping we’d
    hoped! Think.