Family, friends celebrate on Oahu’s North Shore after Iam Tongi wins American Idol

Family, friends celebrate on Oahu’s North Shore after Iam Tongi wins American Idol

There was excitement all across the state of Hawaii after Iam Tongi became the next American Idol on Sunday. But no celebrations were as big as the ones held on Oahu’s North Shore, where family and friends of Iam gathered to watch the Grand Finale.

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16 Responses

  1. just fee says:

    This means the world to the Polynesian culture. Representing all islanders.

  2. Paul Rhodes says:

    I’m so happy for him, he deserves this!! Great kid! He’s a year younger than my Son and he feels very close to me as well! I just hope in my time of leaving this Rock we live on, my Son will be as strong as IAM! He went out and Won American Idol!! Got back to Paradise!!! That’s a Winner in life!!! Go IAM TONGI!! 🤘😝🎤🎶🎶✨

  3. Dayna Beyer says:

    It is so awesome! ❤ We are so proud of Iam!

    • dave moyes says:

      When is his first concert?? I see that Zachariah, Colin and .megan got performances lined up Already

  4. Bri TEXAS says:

    Such a beautiful culture and IAM Tongi brought it to American Idol ❤

  5. Molly Aiolupotea says:

    Way to go Iam Tongi Omgosh congratulations all the way from 🇼🇸

  6. Marianne Mira says:

    Congratulations to IAM, 101% deserving of AI champion 🏆🥇💖🎉

  7. Pamela Tabachak says:

    He had my vote the first audition hes incredible, congratulations Iam❤

  8. LuAnne Jennings says:

    I’m over the top thrilled at the outcome of American Idol. You earned the title.
    I am 68 years old and You touch my heart with every song. You bring tears to my eyes. My heart is happy.
    You are authentic. Stay true to yourself and your family and your culture.
    You’re going back home. Aloha

  9. Wayne s says:

    the production crew for AI did one HELLAVA JOB in producing the video!!! filming and editing was PERFECT!!!

  10. B T.C. says:

    Well deserved!🎉🎊🌴🌴🎸🎵🎤

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