Family Of Alleged R. Kelly Victim Press Conference 7/17/17

Family Of Alleged R. Kelly Victim Press Conference 7/17/17

Family Of Alleged R. Kelly Victim Press Conference 7/17/17. R. Kelly is being accused of holding women in a “cult” where he dictates everything from what they can wear and eat to their sexual behavior and controls any communication they have with the outside world, according to a Buzzfeed report on Monday. A rep for R. Kelly did not return Fox News’ requests for comment on the shocking report. Buzzfeed claims the R&B singer, who has homes near Chicago and Atlanta, houses up to six women. Three people who say they used to be a part of Kelly’s entourage — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — gave information on Kelly’s alleged lifestyle. Mack told Buzzfeed that Kelly runs every aspect of these women’s lives. “No. You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom… a master at mind control. … He is a puppet master,” said Mack. According to Mack, Jones and McGee, there was a 31-year-old “den mother” who recently vacated Kelly’s residence. The women claim there is currently a 25-year-old woman, a 19-year-old model, a 26-year-old aspiring singer and an 18-year-old singer living with the R&B artist.
The mom of one of the women, who was not identified, spoke to Buzzfeed and claimed that her daughter was 19 when she met the now 50-year-old star in 2015. She hoped Kelly would help her daughter’s singing career. Instead, she alleges her daughter moved into the recording artist’s home. Soon after, the mother claims her daughter’s contact with her parents dwindled to include only two vague texts — on Christmas and Mother’s Day.

The mother told Buzzfeed she has not seen her daughter since Dec. 1, 2016.

The texts allegedly read, “I hate Christmas has to be this way this year,” and “Happy Mother’s Day from me and Rob.”

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20 Responses

  1. Marie Fremlin says:

    If there is prostitution or drugs going on, the authorities should be able to go in right now! Do they have “welfare checks” in your state? Welfare checks are laws that allow cops to go to any residence and check up on the well-being of any adult that has mental, physical or any safety concern. Cults are terrible and sadly it’s hard to disband them. I hope this will have a good outcome. I don’t know who this Kelly is but he’s not above the law. Wish I knew more about this. First I heard about this. Very bizarre situation, I’m very sorry for your family.

  2. Tyrone Tucker says:

    R Kelly did write the song Age aint nothing but a number wow!

  3. Chigjuan Spartacus says:

    good grief. This sound like an extortion attempt that failed. she is 21 years old. How about calling the police. this women. appear to be attention seeking wannabe. CALL THE POLICE, NOT THE MEDIA. DID YOU CALL THE POLICE.

  4. Jeff Morrow says:

    I’m not falling for this.

  5. Tara-isms inmymind says:

    the negro calls himself the pied piper. DUH smh

  6. Real InterViews says:

    She is under Mind Control MK

  7. doctor strange says:

    so if you walked away , & u didnt have to fight your way out…..then how u up here saying any1 is captive ….

  8. fuzzy fuzzy says:

    Why is this fool still with his Bluetooth headset !

  9. Bruce lee says:

    that’s they dam….fault…..them women…was so manipulated…cause….he have money n power….they should have….never mess with him😂😂

  10. John Pro says:

    Why is anyone surprised? This guy is a well-known creep! How long are black folks going to worship devils in our community like R. Kelly, pimp preachers and Bill Cosby?

  11. Maurice Muhammad says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not buying it… Seems like somebody wants money..

  12. Julio.R Entertainment says:

    Illuminati type of shit when are people gonna realize what the government does behind close doors 🤔

  13. John Doe says:

    dem bitches are hoes. R kelly ain’t done shit !

  14. Shalonda Dean says:

    first of all …those girls are legally of age… now I’m not taking up for Rkelly at he is very wrong and sick in the head… but those girls parents knew what tf Rkelly was from jump start… they basically handed those girls to him… they saw dollar signs…. it ain’t no way in hell after seeing a tape of that bastard fucking and peeing on these girls that I would even let my daughter go anywhere near him!!! I blame those girls parents!!! what can the police do to Rkelly ..he is not breaking no law ….just pray for those girls … this is sad af

  15. woman hood says:

    This man has to be STOPED

  16. Be You says:

    Extortion attempt lol

  17. ajossi says:

    I’m gonna piss on you.

  18. given family says:

    1. Read the Buzzfeed article
    2. Read the Village Voice article
    3. Look up the Toure interview that was done years ago
    4. Go to YouTube and look up the BET R. Kelly and Aaliyah interview
    5. The court documents are on record, look them up as well
    6. Think logically, he’s been doing this for almost three decades….but these girls are hoes right. FOH

  19. Nikki Floyd says:

    these women are of age ..

  20. TeamUglyTV says:

    this muthafuka said “what’s ur question and what wld u like me to answer???” LMAO Mannnnnnn gtfoh he sounds fukin krazy lol

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