Family reacts to George Floyd’s death, termination of Minneapolis police officers

Family reacts to George Floyd’s death, termination of Minneapolis police officers

Interview conducted with Shareeduh Tate and Tera Brown, cousins of George Floyd, and Ben Crump, the family’s attorney, by journalist Don Nash of on May 26, 2020. Floyd died while in Minneapolis police custody on Monday night. A video appears to show a Minneapolis police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck as Floyd says repeatedly, “I can’t breathe.” The FBI and the BCA are investigating.

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92 Responses

  1. isaiah30v8 says:

    Terminated but not arrested?

  2. Splexsychiick says:

    Sadistic officers. They showed no emotion or compassion. They did not care. This is so depressing.

    • They're Distorting Your Rhthym Full Stop says:

      psy op

    • offwiththefairies77 says:

      @Geronimo Salinas hate for the people telling him to stop. He was being hateful, and arrogant.

    • lakim burley says:

      I’m sick and tired of crying over the bs it’s a call to action. Something must be done! Now!

    • Cindy Farmer says:

      That police offer probably is a narcissist no excuse just could be reason ,that man suffered trauma ,poor man he didn’t need to die period .Those police offers need to be held accountable for murder.

    • Laura says:

      @Geronimo Salinas I absolutely agree

  3. Mingo Moreno says:

    So sorry for the family of this man. To see how he passed away. Those cops should all go to prison. And I hope they get the same treatment.

  4. Jessica Patnode says:

    Smug ass dude mockingly asks what he needs! The man said specifically “my neck”, “your knee” “I can’t breathe!” And he does nothing and seems to be enjoying it!

    • fitwill73 says:

      Chris Nguyen So now let’s deflect and place blame on the camera person for doing wrong! I wonder if a police officer was holding his knee on your neck, and someone was trying to save your life by filming, would you have the same sentiment of the camera person being sued.

    • Dr Elephant says:

      Truth Seeker What makes you think I’m joking. What is funny about any of this.

    • Sippin Tea Wid Sharlele says:


    • Avataq Jensen says:

      @Dr Elephant Not defending the cop as im very furious over what he did to say he needs death sentence, but his hands was on his legs and he has gloves on same colour like his pants. Him sitting like that casually while hes knee is on the neck of Floyd is body posture used to it and relaxed, the cop’s a psycho.

    • Ellis Freed says:

      @Chris Nguyen Trump said Chy na

  5. Princess Pie says:

    They need to be charged with Murder in the first degree and given the death penalty!

  6. M Detlef says:

    FIRED is the LEAST of their problems. DECADES in PRISON WILL follow. For ALL FOUR of them!!!!!?


    God strengthen the family, I am so tired of our black men being killed.

    • Eliana Yisra’el says:

      TOP JUDAH well put!!💯💯

    • Daughter of zion says:

      Lets watch and see what Candace Owen will say this time around. In the death of Ahuamd, Candace Owen justified.

    • Alex says:

      @Brian Reed that’s unequivocally false. You don’t get to create your own definition of what it means to be racist because it fits your narrative. Racism towards any race, by any race, is unacceptable.

    • rolback says:

      PROPHETESS VIRGINIA CONEY I’m tired of racist Democrat party mayors and their KKK police forces.

    • mrbigbootyjudy says:

      @Eliana Yisra’el it is about everyone stop being narrow minded. When other people see it they need to see that it is wrong too. We all bleed the same

  8. Mickey B says:

    Those 4 officers need to be arrested and charged today!!

    • rolback says:

      Mickey B They wont because the Democrat party mayor is a racist. The KKK Democrats are just as racist as they were 200 years ago. Instead of lynching the Democrats are using racist police and strangulation.

    • Bellamy Pearson says:

      Those 4 pigs need to be choked hard, slowly until they die.

    • Regina Young says:

      @Tomasina Covell You are stupid.

    • JP Anders says:

      Someone will find them, they will get what they deserve

    • Tomasina Covell says:

      @Regina Young Just don’t drop your wrappers and on the ground, and if we catch you spraying wall and things you will have to breath all the rest of the rattle can, you vandalizing douche!

  9. 426 Biggie says:

    kidnapped, tortured and euthanised, only solution for the 4 little piggies.

    • Buzz Wilson says:

      I will be reporting your threat of violence against the police to law enforcement. What you did is illegal and I hope you enjoy your time in jail.

    • fifty years says:

      It’s time for black families to move out of racist america, let the white people build their own country without black bodies.

    • Adrian V says:

      @Ajax Wargod I’m not defending the cops in the slightest. I’m merely remarking upon the ignorance of the cycle of violence. Can not one of you really see through it? Yes someone killed my mom but I was able to forgive them. It’s not a universal law in the slightest.

       “In ancient Babylonian, biblical, Roman, and Islāmic law, it was a principle operative in private and familial settlements, intended to limit retaliation, and often satisfied by a money payment or other equivalent.” -Britannica encyclopedia

      A universal law is based on logic and all I’m reading are logical fallacies.

    • Avataq Jensen says:

      @Buzz Wilson You can start with report Derek Chauvin first, you have the evidence available online.

    • mrbigbootyjudy says:

      This is where the weird creeps hang out

  10. strongwon1 says:

    The officer with his knee on the neck should be convicted of murder. Guilty with 100% evidence seen by the world. No question.

  11. Deborah Rehema says:

    This so heart breaking this police are not humans 😭😭😭😭

    • TRIBE OF YASHAR'AL says:

      Rebellious Fallen angels…are here

    • Doug's Diagnostics says:

      Deborah Rehema why do we always have to explain how “good” of a person we are? … not talk about how evil them pink people are?
      ATF title 26 ch 53 #5845(a)(4) arm up time, not ‘firearm’

    • Dead flower says:

      They are devils in human form

    • rolback says:

      Deborah Rehema The police are KKK Democrats taking orders from the racist Democrat party mayor. The Democrats new form of lynching is strangulation.

    • Abner Isai Aldana says:

      @rolback Ok woah there. That’s on a whole new level of conspiracy but not all police are corrupt people who drink on the job and use their authority for their own intentions. Their are a lot of good cops out there.

  12. Kevin Palmore says:

    This was evil if ever there was evil. Those cops need to die in jail.

  13. Corrine Dirks says:

    So sick of black families going through this.

    • rolback says:

      Corrine Dirks I’m so sick of racist KKK Democrats police forces murdering black men.

    • Legaciesmom says:

      @SHONUFF it is… Go look at your FB feed. The officer is a white supremacist. There are pictures of him wearing a hat that says “Make America White Again”.

      Like I said, We will bring up racism when it is a factor. I don’t care who wants to pretend it doesn’t matter.

    • SHONUFF says:

      @Legaciesmom I don’t have facebook. I’m almost entirely off social media. The point is it happens to all races. If you start bringing race into everything instantly it solves nothing? Do you want to virtue signal or do you want the issue of some police who take peoples civil liberties taken away to be fixed? If you want to help fix the problem, turning it into a race issue is not how. Also the other cop was asian or does that not count as a minority enough? The point is what happened was wrong and jumping to the race card constantly is part of the problem. People are people.

    • mrbigbootyjudy says:

      @Legaciesmom how do we know it’s a factor? Always assuming or judging. Who cares if he is racist the guy killed someone that’s the bigger issue.

    • mrbigbootyjudy says:

      @Bo Elle men are not the same as women that was a horrible comparison.

  14. twatts1111 says:

    The officer rocked his body back and fourth trying to kill him

    • Hot chocolate says:

      Twatts1111. That’s exactly what I said but YouTube deleted my comments.

    • Calm With Charm says:

      @twatts :Exactly he was moving his leg back and forth with all his body weight

    • L says:

      He looked down the whole time, like he was checking his own work. Making sure he was applying the killing technique correctly.

    • Lori Schulz says:

      I saw that as well he was intentionally pushing into he’s neck. I pray they are charged with murder.

    • Mujahid Ali says:

      @Pamela Taylor Not sure. But the 1 cop actually tried to block the person video recording. This is sad.

  15. Me Crazy La La says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. The 4 Police Officers need to be arrested immediately!!!

  16. Paula Frazier says:

    Every single officer there should be charged with murder.

  17. lecirg says:

    He cried for his momma in his last moments. So sad.

    • The Phantom says:

      He knew he was going home…💔

    • laith skye says:

      Maybe if his father was guiding him right maybe he would be in the policeman’s shoes upholding the law the time has come for all black people who are affected by this incident to start policing their own communities to create a better black man reduce the prison population increase black whealth legally in all communities

    • Sandra's Art&Soul says:

      This whole thing brings tears to my eyes. Jesus! When he cried for his mama… heartbreaking. Lord let there be justice

    • Davinnia Clarke says:

      Heart breaking 💔

    • Jonathan Dale says:

      That got to me… Had me realize how non-human these cops were.

  18. JOJO THA BRAiDER says:


  19. nanpopco says:

    Death penalty for these cold blooded killers…Awful monsters!!

  20. Kathleen Velez says:

    are the murders in jail yet.if not then go arrest them murder now.

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