This is not an april fools prank. I swear guys. The address is listed below. If you want to send stuff, make sure you copy the address exactly as listed. God have mercy on the UPS store

663 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #816
San Marcos, CA 92078
United States


Not done with WITB. A lot of notes in the works.



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20 Responses

  1. FB Films says:

    did Idubbbz just get hacked?? OurMine is back?

  2. Skweg says:

    he just got hacked???

  3. BeShak Rants says:

    Content Cop – OurMine

  4. GameDoctor says:

    its funny how all they do is just change youtube video titles

  5. Dank Memes Central says:

    I fucking clicked the link…God damn

  6. No Man's Scam says:

    Ready to rename all your videos, iDubbbz?

  7. King Peppy says:

    Bad un-boxing isn’t back is it, you’re just toying with our emotions for a cruel April Fools Day Joke. I hope you get osteoperosis you bastard person. Go away and leave our planet riding on this rocketship: 8===============D

  8. Dylan Cummings says:

    You are one weird mother fucker but I like you for some reason

  9. Matthew Jackson says:

    jaja that’s funny, you’re funny jaja

  10. Luck Duck says:

    the music in the end hurt my ears

  11. ScornoftheBooty says:

    Might wanna check the rest of your video titles bro

  12. PPDISATERCAT says:

    fuck look at ian now and him last yr

  13. Txmj122 says:

    isn’t Lewis from Unbox Therapy from Toronto in Canada?

  14. Lun Hing says:

    what if i send myself to you in a box babe

  15. Tre Chapdelaine says:

    fuck this go eat a dick idubbz i am sending u broken glass and poop and died animals

  16. Hacking Cunt says:

    oh thanks man, i love my avatar too.

  17. Rationaliser says:

    get better lightenin you shit-stained crack-headed autistic cancerous dyslexic retarded osteopetrotic cripplingly depressed garbagy spectacled lunatic schizophrenic dildo-faced arthritic psychotic moronic trashy eyeless limped orphaned chimpanzee

  18. Sombra says:

    What the fuck Is OurMine??

  19. The ShoeNice says:

    ethan hawke has let himself go

  20. OhDeluxee says:

    idubbz has hit a new low lel

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