FAN REACTION: “The Last Jedi” trailer debuts at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando

FAN REACTION: “The Last Jedi” trailer debuts at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando

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Watch as thousands of Star Wars fans explode with excitement as the cast and director of “The Last Jedi” debut the first trailer for the upcoming film.

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Michel says:

    Thought it was an underwhelming teaser

  2. Brandon G says:

    Anyone else at home watching this on the toilet tho?

  3. Yishai Thau says:

    Awesome trailer. So hope its not too much like empire!

  4. Marconius17 says:

    Somehow the crowd got even louder when Kylo popped up

  5. Wake me up Inside says:

    i had chills the entire time

  6. MayMovieExpert says:

    Mark Hamill is hailarious!!!! #Lukeforever

  7. zippyzee says:

    just fuckin “wooooo” at every scene. fuckin contain yourself.

  8. Júlia Maria says:

    I’m crying.

  9. kiley C. says:

    the reaction to Kylo

    Me too.

  10. Venom Urmom says:

    -Sees Rey
    -No reaction
    -Sees Lucasfilm logo

  11. Gregory Flores says:

    Anyone else notice the front line of AT-ATs??

  12. Squared Ren says:

    Instead of the reaction to the crowd look at the director’s face at the end…he felt so pleased & flattered to satisfy so many people with his work. Keep it up Rian, you got the best reaction by far.

  13. djcranium1210 says:

    shhhhhhh shhhhhhhh calm down BREATHE!

  14. cpoky says:

    LOL I love at the end when he says “…its time for the Jedi…” and the crowd just starts to yell, and he finishes with “…to End” and the crowds like “Wooo… wait….. what? shhhh what he say” lol

  15. Moescato Bot says:

    I’m excited holy fucking shit can’t wait!!! For those who don’t like it that’s fine your entitled to you’re opinion I just will never understand why non Star Wars fans will take the time to come here and say this is shit and hate on us when they’re not going to even see it hmmmmm.

  16. gaming with ian says:

    Remember watching so many Star Wars and it’s sad that’s is coming to a end

  17. James007HungerZone says:

    Why the fuck is LeFou there.

  18. Dan B says:

    Hear all the fan girl screaming about Kylo lol

  19. Loser Kid The Loser says:

    Honestly people are fucking stupid… TEASER trailer… it’s not supposed to feature anything big. That’s what an ACTUAL TRAILER is for…

  20. JR__18 says:

    When gone l am the last of the jedi you will be

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