A mashup of almost every Disney release since 1989.

Song: Pop Culture by Madeon

The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Fantasia 2000
The Emperor’s New Groove
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Lilo & Stitch
Treasure Planet
Brother Bear
Home on the Range
Winnie the Pooh
Big Hero 6

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20 Responses

  1. Denzel Richie says:

    This was really cool!

  2. iPadTube777 says:

    U got too many time

  3. Sassy Milkshake says:

    Help my jaw has fallen and it cannot get up

  4. ofthe612 says:

    Absolutely insane

  5. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Nice Madeon song

  6. Voorhees87 says:

    Amazing editing, but no Wreck-It Ralph? No classic Disney movies? Sequel

  7. Lexi Loo says:

    so many goose bumps this was amazing!!!

  8. Ks Strong says:

    my childhood put in 3 minutes.

  9. Joe man says:

    came for Disney, stayed for daft punk

  10. The Dan-O Channel says:

    this is legit. Great job on the editing.

  11. Patrick Pitchford says:

    Just wow…

  12. Scoots F says:

    who was that 6 eyed demon near the start

  13. CalebGuinn says:

    so much Respect for those really clean transitions. well done!

  14. Nicole Priedkalns says:


  15. GeovicDAzn says:

    My 4GB RAM Macbook Air would implode if I even thought about editing
    something of this caliber. Great work man!

  16. clarkcb13 says:

    I don’t know much about video editing but the transitions here are blowing
    my mind and I love finding things that make me appreciate someone’s craft
    even without knowing much about it. Thanks OP!

  17. Thisisreallylongnameitsawesomeyay Sackboy says:

    This looks like something Baka oppai would do.

  18. GuitarSkater says:

    I only watched cause it had Madeon’s song in it. The video reminded me of
    the AMV that a fan made with the song and instead of Disney movies, it was
    anime… and I liked that version better than this one, yet this one is way
    more popular, just cause it has Disney in it… :/

  19. Valerie Gabriela says:

    From a girl who is obsessed with Disney, this was absolutely beautiful. I
    loved this so much, you brought all my favorite Disney movies into one
    beautiful and amazing video! Well done

  20. NasaExecutive ROBLOX says:

    I was here before 1 million views :D