Fans Control Sofie Dossi Underwater Photo Challenge **EPIC**

Fans Control Sofie Dossi Underwater Photo Challenge **EPIC**

I think we can all agree on two things: Sofie is a legend and I look dope in a wetsuit 🙂 If you love this video, give us a thumbs up. If we get 50K of them, we’ll do part 2!

See another underwater shoot with EPIC photos on Sofie’s channel:

Buy my new book, Born To Dance (warning: it doesn’t last long underwater):

Thanks to Kamri Noel for the underwater challenge:

Thanks to the Prop Masters:
Charlize Glass:
Matt Steffanina:
Ben Azelart:

Thanks to the Grav Gang for hosting the party:

Thanks to Michelle and Charlotte Cogan for organizing the party:

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Video by Sandy Chase
Additional camera: Sarah Anderson

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45 Responses

  1. Jordan Matter says:

    Yay!! Comments are enabled ❤️? Which was your favorite photo?

  2. Layla Van Rhyn says:

    I actually rode on a scooter in the pool before. ?

  3. Sabeeha Khan says:

    Jordan : ok everyone let’s party
    Sofie : jordan the party is over

  4. KawaiiMiaVids says:

    7:25 RIP pointe shoes. That was really painful to watch. Only dancers understand lol
    Edit: btw I was screaming while watching the clip

  5. Alexa Murray says:

    Amazing✨?can u do one with maddie Ziegler xx

  6. The Next Step Fan Girl says:

    Can you please do a challlengs with bryles (myles erlick and briar Nolet)

  7. Hoon Jeong says:

    i like da one where it looks like soffie’s walking underwater

  8. Sophia Simpson says:

    At first I was like
    *how does this photographer dude have so many subs?!*
    Then I watched a video… now I’m subscribed. ?

  9. Caracal Lover12 says:

    *tells Sofi to take pic with book underwater*
    “I told u not to get it wet”

  10. Melanie Guthrie says:

    If you look carefully in the photo at 11:20 when sophie has a guy flying over her underneath but on top of Sophie Dossie there is actually a guy in the background just standing there.

    If you noticed give this comment a like❤???????❤

  11. Amy Gao says:

    omg you should totally do a 10 minute photo challenge in the AIR instead of in the WATER!!!!! (hinting towards SKYDIVING) ?? and PLEASE do a part 2!!! and u should totes do it with Sofie AND ANNA MCNULTY!!!!

  12. Iris says:

    Omg I love the mermaid one
    the background is like grey and the orange contrasts so well

  13. Taya2019 Star says:

    The comments are back! Yass! I LOVED THIS, my favourite photo was at 3:22. Sofie you are amazing and beautiful!

  14. Shristy Das says:

    Pls do a photo shoot while skydiving!!!!?????

  15. Saray Hatfield says:

    This is incredible. Not only is Sofie amazing at tricks, but you are a fantastic photographer, and you are a brilliant youtuber too, keep up the good work

  16. Olivia says:

    *in eight months i’ve practiced*

    lmao jordan you are awesome

  17. GlitterMasterGirl YT says:

    Please do a photo shoot with Mackenzie Or Maddie Ziegler ?

  18. Crafty Girl says:

    Can you do a 10 min photo shoot in the ocean?

  19. Mehar Qamree says:

    The floor is lava
    Nevermind u are on ur bed ?️

  20. Dance Girl says:

    All the pictures were amazing, but I think the mermaid one and the walking on water effect were the prettiest ones!

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