Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Final Trailer [HD]

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Final Trailer [HD]

In theaters November 2016!

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20 Responses

  1. The Warrior Teddy says:

    Am I the only one that thought the trailer showed a little too much ?

  2. Prateek Sinha says:

    finally the most awaited movie will about to be here

  3. 4224Fluke says:


  4. Marat Yousif says:

    I wanna see a new HP movie so badly >.<

  5. Aone says:

    hes a great actor but man I cant understand shit he’s saying

  6. JMotion says:

    Hold on, they just say Grindelwald?! As in Gellert Grindelwald! As in the
    guy who stole the Elder Wand from Gregorovich!! Awesome!

  7. Observatório Potter says:

    Me perdoem o trocadilho, mas está fantástico.

  8. Brandon Acosta (LBA1999) says:

    Barry traveled through time again?… Dammit barry, stop messing with the

  9. createdbyRaghav says:


  10. WillFanofMany says:

    “….related to the Grindelwald attacks in Europe.”

    Oh Shit, This takes place during that time……

  11. Simon Peschar says:

    Gellert Grindelwald! OMG i knew it! This trilogy will take us into the
    Gellert Grindelwald story and the epic Muggle Wizard war! This trailer
    basically confirms it! :D

  12. ASIAN4LIFE916 says:

    The only 3 movies I care about this year right now is Fantastic Beast,
    Doctor Strange and Rogue One

  13. Frname says:

    I love how the Harry/Hedwig’s theme became the whole wizarding world’s theme
    Btw I hope we will see Dementors <3

  14. Van Strumpfkolben says:

    1:18 “We used to live in the shadows for too long”. I bet Graves is the
    main antagonist in this movie. He is probably not only the one who hunts
    Scamanders for letting the magical creatures escape, but the one who is
    truly responsible for the magical creature’s attack on New York. Planning
    this magical terrorist attack in order to seek revenge for his Scourer
    ancestors by revealing the existence of wizard community in Nort America,
    which leads to a war between wizards and non magical people.

  15. mangagod123 says:

    fantastic pokemon and where to find em

  16. Brandon Wei says:

    Didst mine ears hear the words “Grindelwald”?

  17. Alexander Trenfield says:

    Does anyone else wish WB would make a film about the 1st Wizarding War?
    Preferably dark/gritty like what Lucasfilm is doing with Rogue One

  18. HaphazardPanda says:

    I hope this does really well so that we get even more HP “spin-offs”! I’m
    sure I’m not the only one who’d love to see a Marauders movie or one about
    the First Wizarding War. Heck, make a trilogy. 1st: Dumbledore origins,
    2nd: Marauders, 3rd: Wizarding War.

    Warner Bros… make it happen!!!

  19. TheIslingtonAngel says:

    I can just about hold it together until they play Hedwig’s Theme and then I
    break down??

  20. BUCᏦᎽ “Ꮳaptain Ꭿmerica” BᎯRNEЅ says:

    1:19 Flash, go back to your own movie. Batman needs you.