Fantastic Beasts Trailer Quiz

Fantastic Beasts Trailer Quiz

Does Link think Tom Hardy or Jude Law stars in the new Fantastic Beasts trailer? Find out! GMM #1301.2
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66 Responses

  1. Lancaster Gaming.ind 2 says:

    My favorite place is llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch look it up

  2. Britt Mills says:

    holy balls! two of my favorite things at once!? Good Mythical Morning to Me! best day EVER! idc if I’m 32, I’m a nerdy grandmother And my grandkids love it. lol🐲🐉⭐

  3. chen-yu mau says:

    Do Infinity War trailer!

  4. Ashley Brewer says:

    The Harry Potter universe and Rhett and Link are my ultimate cross over.

    Mythical Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    Please take a Sorting House Quiz on gmm! I’m gonna place my bet now that Rhett is Ravenclaw and Link is Slytherin.

  5. Rodrigo Lodi says:

    how many times did they use the word sexy and hot on this video?

  6. ShiawaseNoIro says:

    LOL it’s not like they’re now allowed, there are protective spells preventing apparition, so it’s more like physically impossible.

    • PikaPlayzHD says:

      actually the headmaster can remove the charm if he wanted to, Dumbledore did so in the Sixth Book in order to let classes be able to take Apparition lessons in the great hall, plus these are ministry officials so I’m guessing the headmaster at the time removed the charm temporarily allowing them to apparate into Hogwarts so they can speak to Dumbedore

    • Paul Meranda says:

      that would make sense. i couldnt tell who was actually apparating onto that bridge area; do ministry officials of high enough rank not have ability to negate a certain type/level of spell? i dont necessarily know the science or lore of this universe well enough to make an informed decision, but then again, i could just wait and see the movie, so…

    • Chris M says:

      No you can’t apparate because protection charms are much stronger. Defensive spells in this universe tend to be overpowered. I believe the headmaster and teachers set up the protective spells in the school together so they can remove them if they want and put them back on.

    • Paul Meranda says:

      ooo. lotta questions i could keep asking here, but i do thank you for the info. i still havent seen the first Beasts film.. guess i should get on that- i forget how much i enjoy thinking about the various specifics of such a world.

    • Doηηιe says:

      I’ve heard people saying that the apparition protection charms weren’t put into place until after the war with Grindelwald, so (it would be pretty exciting to see) maybe we’ll get to see that happen in this upcoming film.

  7. Jeremy Corfield says:


  8. Iron-Bran says:

    Well that first one is easy. It is a prequel after all, maybe that’s why they added the apparation protection afterwards

    • Daniel Gibby says:

      They didn’t apparate into Hogwarts, they just apparated onto the bridge of the castle and walked the rest of the way in. Maybe later they expanded how close you could apparate to it or something.

    • Mila Filmsthings says:

      Yeah I would have thought this was obvious lol

    • Vale Decem says:

      Iron-Bran and yet it doesn’t fix how in the first film the female protagonist and the villain used priori incantatum when they didn’t have the same connection.
      I personally don’t think Rowling knows or cares about what she’s doing anymore and it’s kinda sad.

  9. Dorianha Bogelund says:

    Rhett: “I don’t know about you, but I was always told if you apparate too much you’ll go blind.”
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Nathan ZJ says:

    Those rules were put in when Dumbledore was headmaster after the threats of Grindelwald and Voldemort because at that time Albus wasn’t headmaster. Plus they were outside on the bridge

    • Galiant2010 says:

      In the books, didn’t they teach the students how to apparent while they were at school? I always figured the barrier didn’t allow you to apparate *in*, but if you were already inside you could move around inside with it or apparate outside.

    • Galiant2010 says:

      Also, it looks like the are apparating onto the edge or something. They aren’t starting inside the castle. Depends on how wide the barrier is, exactly, I suppose.

    • Reagan Walston says:

      If I remember correctly, an exception was made for the Great Hall only when the students were learning to apparate.

    • Galiant2010 says:

      So if someone has the power to raise and lower the barrier at will then it could also make sense, for something like in the trailer, for someone to lower it for important people like the Ministry of Magic.

    • All The Artsy says:

      Non-Apparition into Hogwarts was said in Hogwarts, a History. That’s an old textbook yalls. That’s not a Dumbledore rule.

  11. Zver Forest says:

    This is everything I never knew I needed but now I have it idk how I could live without it

  12. Jada Bird says:

    Rhett: “More like YUMbledore” 😂😂😂😂

  13. The Obvious says:


  14. Emma Mullins says:

    Actually, it was established in the 6th book that extremely powerful wizards could apparat in and out of the palace, at this time Grindlewald was on the rise and it may have been him and his followers [Grindlewald was like the Voldemort at the time]. It has also been said that at this time Dumbledore was not headmaster and he established that rule as headmaster. Therefore if any of these “fans” had read the books [in my humble opinion you have read the books to be an actual fan] they would know that this was not at all an odd accurance. So, “Fans” before being absolutely ENRAGED about this maybe you should read the books and watch the movies all over again because it is not that had to miss something like this.

  15. Kimberly Friesen says:

    Where are you fellow Potterheads?

  16. UnPhayzable says:

    She’s got a dead crow on her head since she’s secretly Itachi

  17. MasterofC says:

    Muggles am I right

  18. TheNextGenius says:

    *Y U M B L E D O R E*

  19. Robin LeeAnn says:

    I literally skipped to this episode because Fantastic Beasts is Fantastic.

  20. Justin Atkinson says:

    It’s easy to let yourself believe that the no-apparating ward has to be recast occasionally and could be different from one headmaster or minister to the next.

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