Fantastic goal: Virgil Gomis winner v Ipswich Under 18s (05.09.15)

Fantastic goal: Virgil Gomis winner v Ipswich Under 18s (05.09.15)

Nottingham Forest Under 18s’ striker Virgil Gomis scores an outstanding over-head kick right on the stoke of full-time to ensure a 3-2 win for Forest’s Under 18s against Ipswich’s Under 18s.

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12 Responses

  1. TDeF Sharkz says:

    the accademy pitches are so nice this is the one behind the astro

  2. TTR forestbus says:

    What a goal!

  3. Oliver Oconnor says:

    He is coming to the first team soon

  4. Zom Robinson says:

    Antonio who??

  5. footmyster998 says:

    If I may quote +MattHDGamer , “Boom… Booming… Boom!”

  6. SootyHunt says:

    Shame the senior team can’t perform !

  7. GeekMan says:

    this guy was in my class in france :)

  8. oREDdOGo says:

    Sign him up!!!

  9. Frank Jackson says:

    Great goal, it’s one of those special moments when things pay off and the
    ball ends up in the net and not in the Trent.

  10. kamil1985cips says:

    10:00 racists, first they chase of this black man, after overthrow and then
    they all are throwing themselves at him… we should warn all the
    “immigrants” to not comming to europe. they should be warn about what can
    happen to them after coming here.

  11. Alan Wood says:

    Great goal and will give him a confidence boost..Forest have some excellent
    youngsters coming through. The investment in the Academy is paying off !!