Farewell, Naruto | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Farewell, Naruto | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ep 218: Naruto and Kurama say goodbye! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll! https://got.cr/Watch-Boruto218

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42 Responses

  1. Hardcore Teaching says:


  2. Crunchyroll Collection says:

    Watch episode 218 here! got.cr/Watch-Boruto218

  3. STORM MASTER says:

    today’s episode was like rollercoaster of emotions…

    • Shoto Todoroki says:

      Samo Playz u have a roblox YouTube channel that you don’t even talk in u have no opinion 🤡

    • LowOnPez says:

      @Samo Playz imagine coming to the SAME video, acting like this, and saying like you’ve never were heartfelt with anything. Like people are different, we all experience things differently, just cause you don’t connect to this as emotional as him doesn’t mean it’s not a valid emotion 🤡 GTOH

    • halpysbane says:

      @Samo Playz it’s 20 years of development man it’s worth a tear

    • ultrasonic Goodvibes👍🏾🎵🎵🎵 says:

      This isn’t fair if only orochimaru could use the reanimation jutsu on kurama to bring him back!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Ivan Gamer16 says:

      KURAMA DONT GO!!!!!

  4. Nba mixes 4real says:

    I think we should all say “thank you” to kurama who turned from the “nine tailed beast” to a “kurama of a hidden leaf” for our childhood💯 WE FCKNG LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS. Thank you and goodbye we will miss you so much. SAYONARA KURAMA

  5. Jordan Maessen says:

    maaaan I absolutely loved the transition of Naruto trying to reach out to Kurama, disappearing, and Boruto’s hands grabbing into to Naruto’s. Naruto’s realization of being alive to Boruto’s realization of Naruto waking up was a phenomenally emotional moment. easily 10/10 episode.

  6. Adam Horák says:

    That look in Naruto’s eyes and his scream is just heartbreaking. And im not even talking About that flashbacks…

  7. Emerald E says:

    I had tears streaming this entire scene but lost it when the Tailed Beasts looked up, notably Shukaku and Gyuki. Gaara and Bee probably felt it too.

  8. Mattemattics says:

    Naruto: “I lost my tailed beast!”
    Gaara: “That’s rough, buddy.”

    • Ray ray says:

      @no dad not the belt and if he does come back you forgot to mention that the possibility will be that he won’t be the same kurama because the memories of the original are done because his chakra doesn’t exist anymore so let’s say they managed to create a new 9-tails that’s going to be a brand new one

    • Poncho Palito says:

      It’s anime, so kurama still can come back. Remember when the naruto must died after the war but change coz fan’s want him to be hokage? Well same goes for this, and when fans also requested to see a naruto sequel after Shippuden here we have boruto so don’t u all worry guy’s kurama will back same goes for itachi.😆😂🤣💯👍

    • masqoff says:

      yeah but gaara and his beast didnt have NEARLY the bond that naruto and kurama had….. so its lightyears worse lol

    • mikey jilani says:


    • Zenitsu says:

      Well gaara wasn’t that close with shukaku like Naruto was to Kurama

  9. Fire Water says:

    How is this not number one in trending? Literally the brink of one million in five hours and one of the most impactful moments for so many people’s childhoods.

  10. Edson Barbosa says:

    The path to peace is the path of forgiveness, friendship and life: this is an example of the relationship between Naruto and Kurama.

    Goodbye Friend KURAMA

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