Farm Shop Update! 🐞 NEW PETS AND MAP CHANGES! 💐 Adopt Me! on Roblox

Farm Shop Update! 🐞 NEW PETS AND MAP CHANGES! 💐 Adopt Me! on Roblox

The newest Adopt Me update includes permanent map changes, a new area and new Ladybug pets!
Coming TOMORROW (02/18) 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT (search ‘8AM PT local time’ to find out what time it’ll be for you!)

Play now:
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59 Responses

  1. rareyma says:


  2. PandazPlay says:

    :0 Can’t wait!

  3. FadedPlayz says:

    So the grocery shop is getting removed? 😭
    Wait does this mean all the food that was in it will become rare…

  4. Proton Plays Roblox says:

    Wow, I’m so excited!!🙃

  5. Aisyah says:

    I hope i got good luck and eveyone too

  6. Happy Calligraphy says:

    No one:
    Me: does a photo shoot with the grocery store cus I’ll never see it again

    Yh I know all the food will be there but the store is going

  7. CustomName says:

    wish I could dance like that

  8. Ethan Han says:

    I like that after I watch this, theirs Albert stabbing a soldier in the thumbnail

  9. Chocolate Noodle says:

    People in the comments: talks about the grocery store getting removed or something like that

    Me: wondering why this video got on Trending

    • CarrotPlays Roblox says:

      I think Roblox is gonna Crack soon… Because This Video is on Trending! 🔥🔥🔥

    • Error Mimikyu says:

      @CarrotPlays Roblox I am waiting for it to break roblox maybe adopt me will get over 2 million players at once

    • Chocolate Noodle says:

      This isn’t the first time Roblox videos got on trending. The first time I saw got on trending was The Last Guest 2 (I think was #3 when I saw it).

    • Tritiper says:

      @Error Mimikyu nope, its dying, also: CASH GRAB GAME P2W DO NOT BUY THE NEW PET IT IS A WASTE

    • Error Mimikyu says:

      @Tritiper tbh people are going to trade rare stuff for it and in like a week it will somewhat be worthless since you could get it at anytime now

  10. Dareen RBX says:

    I’m so excited but how many days or I love adopt me how would you just get the Aussie egg out of the game

  11. TheMightyDodo says:

    POV: You searched this up

  12. YaGirlLuna says:

    My guess: they put this in the pool area! Why?: there’s a waterfall like in the normal pool party! I also think there will be pets we can buy here e.g ladybugs as shown butterfly’s, spiders and much more insects (I’m not sure about ants though)

  13. _hier ist Amelie_ says:

    This moment when you though you can get them for bucks :_(

  14. Shannon Migneault says:

    I just joined the update and like NOBOdY CAN OFFORD IT EVERyONE IS SAD AND MAD!

  15. H I says:

    Guys it’s not free.. 😔😭

  16. Crappy Entertainment ツ says:

    Adopt me is spoilt now smh

  17. Lexi Bennett says:


  18. ikor xD says:

    If I adopted you are going to be getting updates just for the rich, I better go to Brockhaven at least the houses are free …

  19. Ella says:

    The only thing I wish never would happen is the supermarket getting replaced the supermarket was like stepping in a piece of history in adopt me😕

  20. JUELZ SANTIAGO says:

    Pls PlayAdoptMe im begging you i want ladybugg for ffreee

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