Farmer Bob’s Pocket Skunk

Farmer Bob’s Pocket Skunk

(For licensing/usage, please contact Read the full story about Farmer Bob & Sweet William right here: I geek out as I get to meet and hold Sweet William, who Farmer Bob will release very soon, as the little guy is getting way too big for his pocket. This baby skunk was found sick and orphaned on the side of the road, and Farmer Bob rescued it and nursed it back to health. For the first 2 weeks of its life, it slept in Farmer Bob’s pocket, and followed him around on the farm.

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19 Responses

  1. John Koester says:

    What happened to carnitas

  2. fun911s says:

    Farmer Bob’s Pocket Skunk

  3. SnorkFlirt says:

    i would only hold him if he was deskunked.

  4. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Back in my day “pocket skunk” was just a euphemism for a woman’s genitalia.

  5. Seymour Butts says:

    What a wonderful, magical experience. Thank you so much for your posting.

  6. bodo1016 says:

    Dear Farmer Bob, thank you for saving this little guy but PLEASE DO NOT
    release him, you needed to give him to a wildlife rehab facility or someone
    licensed who knows how to rescue baby skunks without them imprinting on
    humans. This skunk is a pet for life now, he will not survive the wild
    alone now that he has been raised as a pet. Please keep him as a pet or
    contact a local wildlife rescue org for support :)

    • Barbarella Fokos says:

      +bodo1016 Thank you for your concern, and this is very true! Sweet William
      is the 7th skunk Farmer Bob has rescued (nursed back to health) and
      released, with the help of consultation from a professional wildlife

  7. Mary Cummins says:

    Just fyi. It’s illegal to keep wildlife over 48 hours. You should tell the
    guy to give it to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Skunks are Rabies
    Vector Species. Some have had rabies in Massachusetts. This is why we tell
    people not to touch RVS. Legally if you touch a Rabies Vector Species,
    Health Dept will order the animal euthanized so it can be tested for
    rabies. I’m sure that little guy will be fine. I’m posting this for the
    sake of others.

  8. Jade Justice says:

    Ouch my heart!!!! So cute :)

  9. Steelstorm says:

    How did they talk about this situation in the first place?
    Did he ask the couple if they’d like to see his pocket skunk? ^^

  10. Jens “der Katzbrocken” Unterkötter says:


    via +Barbara Gross

    +Thomas Le Pew ;)

    • Hans-Erik Gaßner says:

      Vorsicht! Ich habe ein Stinktier, und es ist geladen! 😉

    • Thomas “Reverend Flashback” Le Pew says:

      Na toll. Jetzt will Frau Le Pew auch so einen.


      Aber wenn er dem kleinen die Stinkdrüse nicht rausoperieren lässt, sollte
      er tunlichst darauf achten, immer ein paar Eimer Ketchup im Haus zu haben.
      Damit wäscht man sich dem Vernehmen nach den Gestank am effektivsten wieder
      ab. 😉

  11. Enzo Rocha says:

    Ownnn, so cute! Great! Wonderful! Like +1

  12. DHammerr says:


    • Barbarella Fokos says:

      +DHammerr No need to shout. That was the last day in the pocket, as much as
      he loved curling up in there, Sweet William grew very fast, and alas,
      became too big for even the biggest pocket Farmer Bob owned. He did love
      it, though. He wanted a cozy, dark, warm space to nap after breakfast.