FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Episode 6 with Raja and Aquaria!

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Episode 6 with Raja and Aquaria!

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In this episode of Fashion Photo RuView, Raja and Aquaria TOOT and BOOT the looks from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Episode 6!

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From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.

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100 Responses

  1. Martin McMayer says:

    What in the gold cumshot is raja wearing???

  2. Gelo Ocampo says:

    “Naomi won everything” is the only acceptable description of this episode tbh

    *Edit* : Didn’t expect top comment so… if y’all see this, I DIYed Jasmine’s Holi-slay runway look! (would really mean the world if you checked it out ?)

    • Vel'orgah Sil says:

      +Jeremy .Scott Fair. Monique’s hair has nothing to do with her performance value. But that dress-tearing was definitely distracting and messy a la Stacy Layne Matthews (god bless Mother Henny herself) tearing out track after track of her hair in her lipsync against Alexis Mateo.

    • Jeremy .Scott says:

      Vel’orgah Sil that was not the same as Stacy Monique’s was a little fumbled but she pulled it together quickly

    • Norina Jimeno says:

      +Eric Northmen you are so right! Naomi doesn’t stir the pot as much as the other girls, but she’s talented, dammit, and deserves WAY more screen time! Even in episodes where she shone, she STILL lacked screen time compared to the queens who did poorly.

    • David Adams says:

      +Jeremy .Scott
      Naomi literally mopped the floor.

    • Tainted Life says:

      Jen Greg she wouldn’t have been edited out if she was exciting

  3. Veronica Alvarez says:

    Naomi’s back bend went lower than my back account

  4. Colin Whelan says:

    @01:40 “She’s really bringing a fabulous look to the table”

    She’s also bringing a fabulous table to the look

  5. Laura K says:

    Raja appreciates Aquarias sense for fashion so much! It’s so cute how she admires someone so much younger even tho she’s the original fashion super model of rpdr

    • Tainted Life says:

      Jerry DiMattia but when all is said and done nobody touches Ravens chemistry with Raja. Fashion sense isnt all that when you’re like moment this and have the vocabulary of a teenager, references aside.

    • Jerry DiMattia says:

      +Tainted Life agreed, I always love when it’s Raja and Raven

    • GracefulDanny says:

      It’s called good self esteem.

    • no1narutofanzz says:

      Laura K You can tell that Raja is really stepping up her looks on fashion photo ruview now that aquaria is on it. With the other guests, raja often puts such little effort hehe. Shows you how much raja respects aquaria and I LOVE IT ☺️

    • robbfd says:

      I thought Raja seemed annoyed by Aquaria the whole time.

  6. PobiWan Kenobica says:

    Monet looked beautiful but that outfit is way too basic and I agree woth Aquaria something was off.

    • Duifjaah says:

      I also dont know what it is. Things look a bit seperate from her for some reason.

    • df pl says:

      That dress was ugly.

    • Veronica Drake says:

      the slit was oddly cut and the skirt seemed proportionally incorrect

    • Jaelah Foster says:

      I didn’t care for the material. I could deal with the fit and the rhinestones but that material? just looks like cheap pantyhose. I’m sure there’s other fabrics that can give that popping nude look. This wasn’t it. Loved the hair and makeup.

    • Lisa Wang says:

      It looks off because it’s suppose to be a nude illusion but it’s the wrong shade. That brown had a blue undertone which was the wrong shade for her skin tone that had a significantly warmer undertone.

  7. OHhhh Honeyyy says:

    2:52 *Mohh nah hoshn ah.. ASH ASH ASHABA*

  8. Laura K says:

    “Get it? I’m a spaghetti table!!!”

  9. The Lght Side says:

    Manila brought it even when she was safe TRUE WINNER OF AS4

  10. mako3197 says:

    is it me or has Raja been less critical of looks lately? Finally getting senile at 300….

  11. Laura K says:

    “I’m just jealous and bitter” sounds like RuPaul’s excuse for not giving Naomi any air time

    • Tainted Life says:

      You swear Rupaul edits this shit. She’s not getting air time because she’s not giving as much as the other girls entertainment wise. You can’t show up mid season and expect that crown. Rupaul has nothing to be jealous of. Rupaul has legs. She is more beautiful. Naomi has youth. But youth isn’t all that.

    • Tainted Life says:

      G breeze why on earth would she feel threatened by Courtney. Annoyed? Yes. Threatened? Child please.

    • Tainted Life says:

      Die Zuschauerin well it is tv not a home movie.

    • Tainted Life says:

      joseph robinson and in the season she’s like 6th prettiness.

    • Tainted Life says:

      autumn presley yeah we want to watch a bunch of quiet queens. You’re totally right. You should make your own show. To put children to sleep.

  12. banna banna says:

    Does anyone else prefer the Naomi Vs Gia lip sync over the Latrice Vs Monique lip sync??? Cause Naomi and Gia GAVE ME LIFE!!!! And that should have been the real double shantay.

    • Vel'orgah Sil says:

      ​+NextLevel Journey “You have to look at Ru, not doing so and doing your lipsync with gusto is trying too hard” Please, just no.
      Honey, you a mess. 3 comments back to my one? I’m not here for it. And yet, the irony is you’re talking about Latrice “trying too hard”, but you are coming at me with three. separate. comments. and fully living your trying-too-hard fantasy. Sashay away.

    • mrKpooper4 says:

      Preach huntyyy

    • Emmanuel Orcullo says:

      banna banna agreed! ??

    • Nicholas Pizzo says:


  13. racontoor says:

    Can’t believe no one is mentioning the spaghetti STRAPS.

  14. uknow who says:

    Latrice is disappointing me this season.

  15. Alvin John Agulto says:

    Ru: You have immunity this week.
    Manila: But my dress is ready!!! Ugh, k fine, still gonna wear it.
    Me: Gaggedddddddddddddddddddddd

  16. louie roberts says:

    Honestly though, Manila looked insane considering she was automatically safe… she could’ve turned up in boy drag or wearing nothing and it wouldn’t have mattered but she still went full out… we stan

    • Lauren Lamas says:

      Manila is everything a winner should be, she’s funny, she’s kind, she’s beautiful, she’s smart/intelligent/wise, she knows all the fashion references, she’s super charismatic, sweet and fierce. She has C.U.N.T and much more! Ru could have been crownd her in s3 and must her now. If Manila doesn’t win than no one else deserve this crown

    • Vedrana says:

      +louie roberts this describes my exact feelings! I felt like trinity was kinda robbed (at least of not going to the final lipsync) + I loved Manila & Raja, I couldn’t choose between them haha, let’s hope one of them will win!

    • Adeeyn Deeyb says:

      +louie roberts If the elimination spoilers continue to be correct, Naomi would be eliminating Manila next episode. I don’t know why but that would be fucking insane and I bet Naomi will be taking heat after the episode if it happens. Manila is the clear frontrunner and even though she might be at the bottom next week, she still doesn’t deserve to be eliminated.

    • Tainted Life says:

      louie roberts the thing is Manila is an icon. Trinity isn’t. She’s fucking string don’t get me wrong but Manila is actually in the top ten drag racers. I would say top 6. She’s more important to the franchise than Aquaria, Sasha, Bob, Violet, Jinkx, Tyra, and Bebe. She’s up there with Sharon Needles, Bianca Del Rio and Shangela as far as having an impact on the show and the culture. Trixie is important she’s a master of marketing.

      Manila is that bitch. Nobody left holds a candle to her. Trinity and Monique have done very well in the competition. Monique in particular evolved so quickly since her season. If she wins she deserves it. but we shall see what lies ahead.

    • Luis Lozano says:

      louie roberts Or even worse, just borrow the dress of Monet. True fabulous queen nothing but love for Manila

  17. Carat Sweetener says:

    Gia Gunn sent my wig to Jupiter in that Kill Bill getup.

  18. Adem Sabanovic says:

    Latrice? Nope. No excuses-just boot.

  19. Corrine Vermette says:

    Everyone is talking about Naomi’s dance move. The Naomi Bend will go down in dragstar herstory

  20. Gary C says:

    Manila, Valentina & Gia looked great!

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