FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: American with Raja and Raven

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: American with Raja and Raven

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Raja & Raven critique the looks for Season 10 Episode 12!

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Pete Williams
Alex Liley-Roth
Thairin Smothers
Sutan Amrull

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81 Responses

  1. Em says:


  2. Hoshizora says:


  3. Wesley Sales says:


  4. Cortland Campbell says:

    god aquaria is so beautiful, i canโ€™t wait to see her win

  5. Sam Axel says:

    These trend alerts are so lazy

  6. Luke Ed says:

    *I might be an Aquarian but… I am American* #TeamAquaria

    • jhubeJELLO says:

      “hey, i’m lesbian”
      “i thought you were American”

    • Brainless Microwave says:

      This verse was so cool! I love it when the queens blend their verses with the RuPaulโ€™s ones, just like the ICONIC โ€œmy name is Shea Couleรฉ and I always… BRING IT TO THE RUNWAYโ€
      Girl I liiiiiiiiive

  7. Em says:

    Iโ€™m glad they somewhat read Eureka, her look was not top four material.

  8. Mel- Mel says:


  9. Norin Roath says:

    Omg this episode Raja has nothing bad to say about cracker

  10. Ms Vanjie says:


  11. ๅขจๆŸ“ๆต…้ป› says:

    when they’re ruviewing aquaria:
    raja: (speaks nonstop for 3 minutes)
    raven: toot.

    • Frank Marricone says:

      ๅขจๆŸ“ๆต…้ป› yea thatโ€™s been pretty much every episode Iโ€™m pretty sure raven doesnโ€™t care for aquaria much but has to admit that her looks are toots so she doesnโ€™t say anything else

    • gisforgary says:

      Raja loves editorial fashion, Raven loves sex worker looks.

    • Van Der says:

      Aquaria can tell everybody that she got another crowned mother, or stepmother, right Sharon?

  12. Black Carat says:

    i swear raja is doing that on purpose with her eyebrows to piss us off

  13. wastedjeans x says:

    Why didnโ€™t they toot and boot the performance looks like last season ๐Ÿ™„

  14. Robletics says:

    Poor Raja, old age has caught up to her brows… ๐Ÿ™

  15. Jaymie Conkle says:

    Eureka’s look was a BOOT or at least a NOOT (it’s a word) compared to the other girls. Too literal, too short, and that wig. O_o Reference was wrong, Edison did not coin the phrase “Eureka!”

    • EnglishRosie says:

      Kit Kat Eureka said that Edison DISCOVERED THE LIGHT BULB. DISCOVERED.

    • Sophie Scott says:

      When I was watching the episode and she said that I was so confused… like 1) it was Archimedes who said eureka
      2) it was when he figured out the theory of water displacement so it had nothing to do with lightbulbs
      3) Warren de La Rue invented the lightbulb, Joseph Swan improved on it and THEN Edison made his version 40 years after its invention

    • smolclair says:

      Sophie Scott I always thought the lightbulbs just symbolized the feeling of a light bulb going off in ur head like a comic rather than who literally invented it

    • GothBoy UK says:

      Sophie Scott You are exactly right & that makes me happy! โ™ฅ

    • Mike Allen says:

      Yes. It was Archimedes. He was in a bath tub that time, thus inventing the Water Displacement Method to measure the volume of any liquid substance.

  16. resrevr says:

    Did she draw on her hyphens with a sewing needle? serving 0.01 line thickness

  17. Alef Bass says:


  18. Jeremy Shaw says:

    Meh of the week: Eureka
    Top toot: Aquaria

    I would love to see Aquaria and Asia as the final two for lip sync. I am very curious what pairing Ru will do. Kameron vs Asia; Eureka vs. Aquaria I hope.

  19. Em B says:

    Raja got brows like John Watersโ€™ moustache.

  20. Armin Cornix says:

    I love two skinny legends! I’m talking about Raja’s eyebrows…

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