FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Evil Twin with Raja and Raven

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Evil Twin with Raja and Raven

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Raja & Raven critique the looks for Season 10 Episode 11!

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Pete Williams
Alex Liley-Roth
Thairin Smothers
Sutan Amrull

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94 Responses

  1. Monarchy Of all Monarchy says:

    Is Raja ok? Dem brows gurl

  2. Matthew Andres says:

    raja’s evil twin must’ve painted those eyebrows on her

  3. M. S.K says:

    Raja is the good twin and her forehead is the evil twin!

  4. Flip Core says:

    raja’s eyebrows represent how i feel about this week episode.

  5. Alisha Seera says:

    Aquaria being top toot…when it’s right, it’s right πŸ‘πŸ½

  6. Calcifer says:

    We all make *choices* but those brows were a choice

  7. Adam Conrad says:

    Come for the photo review. Stay for the comments about Raja’s eyebrows.

  8. Luke Ed says:

    All the Queens just repurposed their prehistoric runway… I get it they have limited time. But it kinda ruined the evil runway in my opinion tbh. This was such a cool concept and I was really underwhelmed.

    • Adam Frazier says:

      dirty rat I meant her animal print, but I agree, it works with aquaria, it’s the other two that I have a problem with

    • dirty rat says:

      Adam Frazier i agree, i don’t think they looked evil at all, except for cracker’s facial expressions lmao

    • Jay El says:

      It’s not just about the outfits, it’s about the story and revealing your real saboteur. Kameron was all surface, yet again. Eureka went in on herself. Can we not hate on Eureka for the sake of it, let the girl live.

    • dirty rat says:

      Jay El yeah, i thought eureka had the best voiceover

    • MAX AXL says:

      Eureka didnt. Her look was not pre historiec savage woman with bones n fur.

  9. purplechicken says:

    Did they forget about the shoots? Aquaria clearly deserved one

  10. stubbyfingers15 says:

    Eureka’s looks getting toots…hmmmm…choices

    • Cole W. says:

      Josie McCarthy the first one was pretty basic and boring sure, but her evil twin look was amazing to me. Plus she made both of them.

    • Youtube lover says:

      i love urethra but her looks were basic af

    • Syn Blanco says:

      Im telling yall, its the WOWPresents conspiracy that they are trying to get the audience not to like miz cracker (therefore she always gets critiqued harshly) and keep pushing and shoving Eureka down our throats (therefore always getting Toots for her repetitive looks), its their secret agenda.

    • DanZam9 says:

      Youtube lover Urethra πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • WeedCow says:

      I feel like this season is set up for her to win or somerhing.

  11. Luke says:

    I just got an Amber Alert on my phone for Rajas missing eyebrows

  12. heliagrey says:

    I love love loves me some Cracker- she’s my jam, & although I don’t think she deserved to go this week, I didn’t like either of her looks here. The materials, the shapes… they just felt off. And I didn’t get the narrative, tbh. Hope she kills it on AS.

    • h says:

      I know, she really lost her groove somewhere along the way. She was SO GOOD in the beginning and then.. kinda flatlined towards the end? I think she let the critique get to her. She’s still my girl though, let’s hope she gets on AS4 β™₯️

    • laylah li says:

      I agreed with the Raja with the idea that…why is the dressed up European look have to be good and the “savage” one have to be bad? Not to get too deep but it reeks of colonial ethnocentrism. Not good implications girl.

    • Mali Redford says:

      On her instagram she posted what she had planned to wear, which was basically a dark version of her “good twin” look, with a black gown and wig. But apparently she had trouble finishing it (hence her meltdown at the sewing machine) so she had to go with the savage look at the last minute.

  13. Armin Cornix says:

    Raja giving me 2002 bad eyebrows.

  14. Rome Blanchard says:

    dem brows are thinner than a cracker

  15. saint snatched says:

    You gave Asia a boot but Eureka toot. Girl…..

  16. Dominic Ciccarelli says:

    These comments about rajas brows im crying lol

  17. ALEX R. says:

    Girl grab a mirror

  18. Kat Goulding says:

    raja was really triggered by kameron’s painted forehead

  19. OHhhh Honeyyy says:

    *No MOANA OEA CHANG today.. I’m so sad* 😭

  20. Bree Z. says:

    Performances and winning challenges clearly don’t even matter anymore. If you are “cute” and can lip sync, you can pretty much win the whole damn thing.
    Eureka got a double toot??? In those outfits??? Ok sisπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    • Charlie G. says:

      And they’re called opinions which you are entitled to and Raja and Raven are too. What is it with some of you guys and that concept that’s so hard to understand?

    • VA says:

      They’re just biased against the big queen.

    • Jeroen van der Kwaak says:

      Eureka’s outfit both had clear references, a coherent fashion sense and looked good on her. why boot them?

    • blackcdnguy says:

      Eureka’s looks were basic, better than Kameron and Cracker but not even close to Asia and Aquaria. Sorry Eureka was a boot for me.

    • platy95 says:

      Eureka’s evil look was the best she’s done in the whole competition. Finally something different from her. Total toot.

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