FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Mermaid Fantasy with Raja and Aja

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Mermaid Fantasy with Raja and Aja

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Raja & Aja critique the looks for Season 10 Episode 7!

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Pete Williams
Alex Liley-Roth
Thairin Smothers
Sutan Amrull
David Petruschin

Executive Producers:
Fenton Bailey
Randy Barbato

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71 Responses

  1. ron says:


  2. Natalia Almeida says:

    Im living for aja

  3. Em B says:

    “Where’s Raven?”
    “Ma, she’s missing, we putting up signs.”

  4. Rashawn King says:

    is aja small or is she pulling a raven and sitting like 20 feet behind raja LMFAOO

  5. sharonfelicia121 says:

    Aja looks sickening 😍 😍 😍

  6. D. W. says:

    Not Aja trying harder on her outfit for one episode than Raja and Raven have in the last 20 episodes combined

  7. Martin Vu says:

    Lol I thought aja was miss vanjie

  8. Muniz says:

    Why is everybody looking so fishy?

  9. P T says:

    miz cracker was giving me 2000’s barbie knock-off mermaid doll realness and i loved every plastic-y second of it

  10. nickkingofearth says:

    Got my coffee, laying in bed, and I’m ready 🤩

  11. Nick C says:

    Aja breaking down the oot binary with her linguistic innovation, work that academic puss

  12. Sugas skin is brighter than my future says:

    They should have miss Vangie on here

    • ksanchez979 says:

      Sugas skin is brighter than my future they saving her for season 11

    • Namjoonie Franta says:

      Lol, so you’re telling me someone who got eliminated on a fashion episode should be in FPR.

    • ksanchez979 says:

      Namjoonie Franta Raja and Raven are not doing a hard job… they’re literally giving their opinion about looks and 100% if the time it’s not very intellectual, insightful, clever… it’s really dumb.

    • Namjoonie Franta says:

      So does your reply mean Miss Vanjie who got eliminated on Episode 1, a runway episode, deserve to be on FPR? Because I’m talking about that, not how Raja and Raven are lacking in integrity in their jobs.

  13. seanjoseph91 says:

    Dela SAYS she’s going to be at Drag Con on the 11th, 12th and 13th…but I have a feeling she’ll leave on the 12th.

  14. Em B says:

    *What were these lewks giving me? I’m glad you asked…..* 😂

    There was a day when Raja would have admired a young mind like Aja’s. Her outlandish style, her blue hair to attract the attention of everyone she interacted with. The kid’s confidence was admirable, frankly. Raja watched day after day as kids gawked at Aja’s style, her fashion choices, her striking make up looks. Some of them looked on with admiration, most of them chided her for her choices, bullied Aja into defiance, a hard look in the eyes of the girl with the blue hair. Raja suspected most of their nasty comments were fuelled by jealousy. Fuck, Raja herself was not too proud of a person to admit she was jealous of the kid who walked the school’s halls with an air of confidence, even as the other kids called her names. Awful names. They would all realise in the years to come that Aja had been the ‘cool’ one all along, of that Raja was sure.

    Even so, the girl’s attitude could be tedious. Raja had been there, had been that kid, but twelve years of being a school fucking librarian who could only ever express her creativity through her table displays and the spectacles she wore, got tiring. She was getting old, getting bitter. When Aja came to library and spoke loudly over the other kids who whispered about her, defending herself, Raja ‘shushed’ her and told her to get out. Maybe she felt guilty when Aja dropped the books she had been intending to take out onto Raja’s desk and stormed out of the library. Raja had chosen those books to display at the front herself. The other kids still whispered about Aja even when she had left. “I heard she thinks she’s a witch.” Some little blonde smirked nastily. “Someone should throw her in the river, see if she sinks.” Raja kicked the little blonde out to, and gave her a detention for good measure.

    The next time Aja came into the library was after school on a friday. No other kids, they’d all ran to their weekend as soon as they’d been allowed. Aja sat at a desk on her own. Raja watched as she began her work. The books Aja had dropped on Raja’s desk were hidden under it; Raja hadn’t had the heart to put them away. She dropped them on the table next to the kid, and Aja jumped. “Thank you.” She said quietly, to Raja. “I’m sorry about the other day.” The papers scattered around Aja were mostly drawings; dresses, leotards, hats, shoes, all with fabric swatches glued to their corners. Raja inspected them in awe.
    “Keep it up, kid.” Raja told her, nodding to the designs. Raja used to draw like that, used to design like that. Before. Before she’d ended up stuck in a school library for 12 years. “Get yourself outta here, kid.” She said to Aja.
    Aja frowned. “You’re kicking me out again?”
    “I mean out of this town,” Raja said, “Get far away, as far as you can. You’re too good for this place.”
    Aja smiled and tucked blue hair behind her ear. “Thanks.”

    There was a day when Raja would have admired a young mind like Aja’s. Maybe, that day was today. It would certainly still be that day tomorrow, of that she was sure.

    ……………….. *Thats what they were giving me.Thank you and goodnight.* ✌️💜

  15. Wesley Sales says:

    Aquaria served Glam Goth Mermaid Realness

  16. nina knox says:

    I loved Asia’s face bcuz it reminds me so much of those fish at the bottom of the ocean the ones that are weird looking, I love those fish

  17. PatisserieBoy says:

    “Squid are fish”

  18. Sara Roast says:


  19. Ben Chidley says:

    I take my comment from last week back. Aja is NOW giving us the best outfit from this season of fashion photo ruview. She is seriously stunning

  20. The Poisoned Artist says:


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