FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: The Grand Finale with Raja and Manila Luzon

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: The Grand Finale with Raja and Manila Luzon


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Raja & Manila critique the looks for Season 10 The Grand Finale!

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Pete Williams
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Sutan Amrull

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88 Responses

  1. Ferhat Karatepe says:

    Seriously? Dusty looks fantastic.

  2. S Thanith says:

    Here in Cambodia wishing to attend Drag Race finale

  3. Lmn says:

    They tooted kalorie but DIDNT toot dusty, now that was a choice. Kalorie looks cute but Dusty’s look was STUN

  4. Whorilia Aquapuss says:

    The Winners of Season 3 and All Stars 4 giving us Asian Maleficent realness.

    Flawless Goddesses.

    • Miss Angie! Miss Angie! Miss Aaaangie! says:

      Whorilia Aquapuss I really hope we won’t get any stunts and bs on as4. I just want te best queen to win.

  5. S Thanith says:

    Mona ah shange

  6. Rach Maninoff says:

    Kameron is my toop toot 💕

  7. memes ._. says:

    Did anyone else HATE kalories look? Cause I did.

  8. David Boucard says:

    I want Monét X Change on All Stars 4 just so I can hear Raja’s pronunciation evolve further. Soon, it’ll just be MŒNÆHÉCHÄN.

    • Orlando Florez says:

      David Boucard sameee, when she was eliminated I was so sad and start watching compilations of Raja saying it

    • Brandon Allen says:

      Raja- “M ++*++ x €h++g £”
      Raven- how did you just say that?

    • Rifki Wuda says:

      girl, yesss

    • Dixie Rae says:

      David Boucard Raja is leaving to do another one woman show. I agree it’s hilarious and I’ll miss it. I have a feeling that she may not come back to fashion photo review. I think it’s up to you to continue the tradition. Yours is absolutely gag-worthy. LOL

    • Dennis Vladimir Villaflor says:

      Dixie Rae i think she is only on leave for the duration of her one woman show.

  9. K XX says:

    So they’re going to boot Dusty for no reason huh? But toot some other looks that weren’t all that amazing.

    • PiccoloVegeta97 says:

      K XX did you watch the video? They explained their reason and it made sense. The outfit just didn’t work together.

    • G P says:

      girl mayhem was a mess with her wig and that bland Assss dress. Nope, those were not excuses, they were made up cuz they obviously don’t care about dusty.

    • Bjrn Hvns says:

      It’s their fucking shoe if they didn’t like they didn’t like it , it’s not that deep lmao

  10. RunnerEye says:

    I really wanted them to judge Sasha’s alien look. One word… SHOOT

  11. MILEN KOLEV says:

    *Look mom …2 winners in one video 👏*

  12. PatisserieBoy says:

    Dusty’s look was CLEARLY a redemption for when they said “The hat is good, but the look is not”….she GAVE THEM LOOK! It was incredible! What the hell are you guys smokin?!

  13. Alicia Westfall says:

    Raja please keep this hairstyle. I love it when you serve us a seafood meal darling.

  14. Em B says:

    Loving the inverted ‘Manila’ hair. ✌️💖

  15. Jeremy Shaw says:

    Congrats to Aquaria. Holy shit Asia looks AMAZING in her look. So happy to see fabulous outfits from all of the queens! Toots for everyone!

  16. 80sThen80sNow says:

    My homegirl Dusty did NOT deserve a Boot. Even if you don’t agree that all the separates aren’t cohesive, the look is extremely polished and fashion forward. But Kalories dress?!? Girl, I live in the Bronx and even our Roaches stopped wearing that back in 2011.

  17. BennyGesserit says:

    Cracker’s serving “My 3rd Husband’s Will Isn’t Gonna Read Itself” realness.

  18. Jefferson says:

    Honestly crackers outfit knock out aquirias look. I don’t get the boot for dusty but you guys tooted kalorie???

    • nxrree says:

      Robert Vazquez It was SO cliché, lol

    • Baby Snake says:

      If you like Cracker, of course you’re gonna like her look more. You have BAD TASTE.

    • ghosty4 says:

      I’m here for DRAG, not boys in makeup, but I guess that’s what the title should be changed to, because that’s all Aquaria is. Cracker was in DRAG, Aquaria was in a glamorous trash bag.

    • Bjrn Hvns says:

      Khristian Peterson girl you tried it with miss robert but girl stop, you’re only just making thr image of cracker stans more bad that it should be 😂

    • Jefferson says:

      Baby Snake aquiria literally wore window shades and a latex dress that was it. Cracker went all out better than aquiria 😂😂😂

  19. jhubeJELLO says:

    do people really like Eureka’s look? The hoop skirt looks great, and the slow reveal was a nice touch, but the dress under it was kinda basic. Her body looks great, sure, but I’m bored? Am I wrong?

    • Katie Jane says:

      I was hoping someone else commented this because I was genuinely surprised by how dull her look was for being a finalist. Her look at the reunion was amazing! Why didn’t she swap those around?

    • MeatloafGreaserFilms says:

      I think a ruveal only has the intended effect if you can’t expect it, or is only alightly predictable. Eureka’s reveals were exactly that, and even though Aquaria’s were simpler tiny reveals in the Eureka v Aquaria lip sync, they were much more interesting than Eureka’s. Not to mention the amazing Bang Bang performance. Aquaria blew me away.

    • R says:

      its a replica of scarlett o’hara’s dress from gone with the wind so i think that whole southern belle scarlett o’hara cosplay was the thing

    • JcShadowmonster says:

      Yes you are wrong.

    • May Lyn says:

      The hate is too fuckin much she look amazing…

      All time peaple try put eureka down…

  20. Dolphins will take over says:

    U toot the Vixen’s and Kalorie’s look but boot Dusty’s 🙁

    • Tyler Walk says:

      Dolphins will take over GURL YOU RIGHT! The Vixen looked nice, but fr the dress mafe her look hella short

    • Maísa Oliveira says:

      My exact thoughts, I would have tooted the hell out of Dusty and booted Kalorie. Her dress wasn’t ugly but it didn’t give me gran finale

    • Emma Salmon says:

      I agree with Vixen’s Toot but Kalorie getting one and Dusty not? Nah.

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