FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Very Best Drag Looks with Raven and Raja

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Very Best Drag Looks with Raven and Raja

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Raja & Raven critique the entrance looks for Season 10!

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Pete Williams
Alex Liley-Roth
Thairin Smothers
Sutan Amrull
David Petruschin

Executive Producers:
Fenton Bailey
Randy Barbato

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98 Responses

  1. Limes says:

    I thought this weeks Runway theme was Bodysuits

  2. Kay Bee says:

    Raven looks like a film negative of the girl from The Ring

  3. ShankzFTW says:

    So they’re not going to Toot & Boot the Drag on a Dime challenge looks?

    • Nicole Clay says:

      ShankzFTW they could’ve just done it on this one… instead of doing that behind the scenes video they could’ve reviewed it then. No such thing they didn’t have time , y’all ain’t that busy that you can’t spend 10 minutes looking at pictures.

    • Nat Stu says:

      ShankzFTW yea I’ve been waiting for the dime review too!

    • pedrohltsr700 says:

      They should’ve invited delta and morgan to replace them. If Raven and Raja ain’t got time, they should have someone to fill in.

    • Adore Delano says:

      Nicole Clay It’s a little more than just ‘10 minutes’ looking at pictures. And they aren’t getting paid (if they are; quite little). Give Raven, Raja and WOW a break lol

    • Elijah Giancarlo B. Mallari says:

      Ya’ll, the editing also takes time. It’s not just about Raja and Raven’s schedules.

  4. Run! Bitch! Run! says:

    Its sad that they didn’t get to ruview the runway looks for episode one. Its a design challenge goddammit!

  5. prince sonata says:

    I paused the vid just to google the doll that Raven mentioned.

    She is telling the truth

  6. Michael Fennell says:

    Where is the DRAG ON A DIME ruveiw though?!

  7. Brandon Marshall says:

    raven is giving me rapunzel teas

  8. Rocket Backhander says:

    Raven is 100% correct about the Jason Wu reference.

  9. Slaying You Daily says:

    Raja is giving me grandmother realness and something bothers me on Ravens look.. idk what it is it looks so dry to me 🤧 don’t attack me guys I still love them both and don’t wanna argue with anyone and tried to piss a fan off 💜

  10. Slaying You Daily says:

    Who else can’t wait to hear what Raja and Raven have to say about those queens?? ❤

    By the way I hope everyone who reads this has a sunny and wonderful saturday! 💕

  11. gagasluxury says:

    Kameron was STUNNING

  12. Ann2knee says:

    Some of this looks does not scream Best Drag to me

    • Ann2knee says:

      Videos Banheira That maybe true but seeing the background of all this girls they could have atleast shown a little more dazzle u can still look ur best without setting the bar high or anything just wow the people but hey as u said its only episode 2.

    • Valentina's Smile says:

      watertownnative about fashion on the runway kinda, if we’re talking about drama l’m living for this season

    • truu says:

      according to kalorie, the queens were told “trademark drag” rather then best drag. which is most likely why dusty contemplated putting dots on her face.

    • Floris Klaver says:

      It’s also a bit strange to ask for best drag only in the second episode, I mean if you show your best drag everything that comes after will be mehhh. They usually do best drag in the final four, which makes more sense to me.

    • Brandon C. Sites - Critic of Modern Day Horror says:

      Drag on a dime, S1 E1 — Best Drag S2, E2 — is this the beginning of a pattern?!? — S2, E2, I LOVE how Raven took a simple black dress, but gave it lots of personality. That was what was missing on this take on best drag, personality!

  13. Tonka Babić says:

    Kimonogate body suit edition

  14. Amira F says:

    I love how Raven lives for Monet omg

  15. Zuko Sama says:

    The Vixen is coming for Aja’s Disastah gig

  16. seaweedhoe says:

    I’m also tired of huge septum rings but Aquaria’s gagged me haus down boots yas gawd hunty okurrrr

  17. Nick Polis says:

    I’m obsessed with Blair she’s so cute 😭😭

  18. Jj Mm says:

    Raven giving us 90s Madonna Versace Brit awards vibe.

  19. Ian Reed says:

    Blair looked amazing. I was also surprised by how refined and elegant it was at her age

  20. Em B says:

    Raja wearing her first selfie around her own neck. Iconic. ✌️

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