Fast Dance-Off with Jennifer Lopez

Fast Dance-Off with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy take turns making up fast dance moves to the least danceable ’70s slow songs The Roots’ Questlove could find.

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Fast Dance-Off with Jennifer Lopez

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56 Responses

  1. TWDC says:

    She is good looking!

  2. jose mendez says:

    Damn, 48 years old and she still 🔥

  3. VD 123 says:

    meh segment

  4. ScarlettP says:

    How in the world is Jennifer almost 50?!
    I mean come on!!! Stunning

  5. OhReally says:

    Shes so cute <3 I love her <3

  6. tay melanin says:

    JLO looks amazing as always I just love her personality.

  7. Kay X says:

    This haircut is so youthful

  8. Fred1022 says:

    Never thought of a 48 yr old sitting on my face… Till now

  9. nobody survives even one bit says:

    She never ages. years after years she still hot.

  10. LiViNg SiNgLe Sanchez says:

    Jlo won hands down lol

  11. capedpunker says:

    …this game…doesn’t make sense…

  12. leonardo hernandez says:

    We have no life’s just watching these celebrities

  13. Abel & CAIN says:

    How’s the view up there Quest Love? ; )

  14. Vaishnavi Vijayan says:

    48 years young! slay!

  15. DearMakeUpDiary says:

    I wanna see this with Beyonce 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽JIMMY OUT. Jlo vs Queen 🐝 who’s gonna win?

    • Dreke Wright says:

      laramiaizz jlo dancing is alright I am not a fan of hers just saying

    • MRK says:

      DearMakeUpDiary Get the competition mentality out of your brain. Focus on empowering other women around you.. if there are any

    • Dreke Wright says:

      Mania C Beyoncé is alright and jlo is iffy I am not a fan of theirs just saying.

    • Liana Grigoriadi says:

      beyonce of course! guys have you seen her dance? for all of you saying jlo. jlo’s moves are much more stiff, she doesn’t let go. bey’s moves are just iconic and she has been dancing since she was like 5

  16. Belen Morales says:

    This was so stupid yet I enjoyed every second of it

  17. Patreeya says:

    She looks so dame good in this red dress and short hair.

  18. Mynymal says:

    What’s the point of this game ? So lame … Jlo looks amazing though

  19. Julian Pagano says:

    How is it possible that she keeps getting hotter?

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