Fast Family Feud with Taraji P. Henson

Fast Family Feud with Taraji P. Henson

Jimmy and Taraji face off in a game like Family Feud only faster.

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Fast Family Feud with Taraji P. Henson

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20 Responses

  1. Muna Ali says:

    1:55 am I the only who thought of Louis ?

  2. SirPerfectful says:

    UGH my god I would bang her into oblivion dear lord. How can a woman be
    that gorgeous?

  3. Stoaked Almond says:

    she looks like a lot of fun

  4. Burak Berke Su says:



    Oh snap

  6. Stephen Buechner says:

    Taraji P Henson is super annoying.

  7. Tanya1976ism says:

    She’s having fun. There’s too many ass wipes with issues, blowing dog

  8. Ryan Terry says:

    Forreal Harden wasnt in the beard section? lmao

  9. Burak Kasal says:

    I dont know if she is acting or not , but she behaves like a stereotypical
    black woman.
    And I dont like it !

  10. Madeline Schuster says:

    oh my god she’s so adorable! I want to be her friend!!

  11. JustinSchneider says:

    Wow she is extremely obnoxious. Jimmy looked annoyed when she kept hitting
    the buzzer haha

  12. macklemore says:

    why is everbody hating on her? i thought she was fun

  13. DeborahRenee says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s only loud right now cause she’s competitive. You’ve
    never seen her in her everyday life… have you?

  14. Georgia davis says:

    @3:30 Lucahjin would get a kick out of this

  15. John Dowse says:

    Is she stupid?

  16. Charlton White says:

    Hide the Drugs!!… Blueballs!!…

    This one was really funny!!

  17. J. Hofman says:

    and empire sucks

  18. tylercj307 says:

    She’s loud and annoying. Well thank god that black lives matter. Lol

  19. Jay Bee says:

    Funny and beautiful !

  20. sudarabajan22 says:

    From the uncut footage…

    Taraji (still buzzing in): “Black Balls!!”
    Judges: “X”!
    Taraji (buzzing in 2 seconds later): “Space Balls!!”
    Judges: “XX”!!
    Taraji (slaps Jimmy’s hand away & buzzes again): “Matzo Balls!!!”
    Judges: “XXX”!!!
    *Jimmy comes over to stop Taraji, who’s now out of control, because
    producers want to start the segment over and get control of the situation *
    Taraji (kicks Jimmy in the crotch, buzzes again, then points): “JIMMY’S
    *producers cut to commercial *