Fast Food Apples Taste Test

Fast Food Apples Taste Test

Gone are the days when French fries are the only side option at the drive-thru… Which fast food apple will rank highest on our refined palates?   GMMore #1475

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82 Responses

  1. papparoniz says:

    Comparing apples to apples huh? Epic

  2. caleb says:

    *C H E E S E F R I E S*

  3. Grace Zhara says:

    3:43 is when the tasting actually starts, (if you’re sick of hearing about the mythical society.) ?

  4. Laura Thomas says:

    I drink my jello tubs the way Link drinks his apples …. I thought it was just me !!

  5. Tamra Jackson says:

    An important lesson learned today: No matter what, Rhett will always be annoyed when Link eats

  6. Ryan LeeG says:

    I definitely ate applesauce the same way as link.

  7. Ayaloid 96 says:

    @Rhett, tell us more about Link’s amazing way of annoying people around him.

  8. LaBeCkEe 462 says:

    Link that’s how I enjoy my applesauce as well!! Yogurt too haha

  9. blynneda says:

    I’m fine with the idea of the Mythical Society, but I think it was unnecessary to ask people to sign up via email before they knew what it was about.

  10. Danielle Johnson says:

    Im glad i’m not the only one who drinks their applesauce

  11. Raunak Basu says:

    Link’s way is definitely how I eat when alone and no one’s watching ??

  12. Tamara M says:

    Rhett’s face while Link is slurping the apple sauce ?

  13. Michelle Zafrani says:

    So they were indeed storing up their emotional explosions at one another for later. Though there’s something lovely about having someone to do that with for 35 years. ❤

    • Lucinda Lopez says:

      Michelle Zafrani I am sure Rhett laid into him after filming. He was just trying to keep his cool as much as possible. And u am tell it was hard for him to hold back.

  14. Abby Flaherty says:

    Rhetts look of disappointment when Link begins to eat his Apple sauce is *ICONIC*


    after link said “it looks like thai peanut sauce”, i was waiting for him to say “or as my dad would say, THIGH peanut sauce”

  16. AaronTheBlackDragon says:

    The way Link eats may be annoying but today it was the funnier to me than ever.

  17. Rad Lad says:

    Link, man, you’re doing just fine! You’re living your best life and there’s no wrong way to eat applesauce!

  18. Gabriel Moline says:

    “The one time I don’t chew and you’re still annoyed.”

  19. Jay Malone says:

    The Apple eating starts at 3:55 🙂

  20. Kailyn Eve says:

    All the weird things that Link does just make me like him more

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