Fast Food Hot Sauce Taste Test

Fast Food Hot Sauce Taste Test

Can we tell which fast food hot sauce is which by taste alone? GMM #1192
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20 Responses

  1. Lady Hwinnien says:

    I would choose Julie Andrews personally

  2. Jack Mabal says:


  3. Katie Lou says:

    “Taco Bell would never…” is actually taco bell. I wanted to see their reaction to that.

  4. Bailey Lucero says:

    I felt somewhat awkward during this episode

  5. M. Stam says:

    the beard is growing again

  6. True Blade says:

    I’d pick Julie Andrews just because she has always been such a classy lady! – and my Mom is also a classy lady! Mom Happy Birthday on the 5th!!!

  7. apple02ish says:

    Rhett could totally see Link’s high five 😂

  8. Ahsanwox says:

    Guys I make nice videos, would you guys go to my channel. Hope you guys subscribed !!😁😁😀

  9. Seth Dittmar says:

    Do NOT like this comment!!!

  10. Jaromir Kerkhof says:

    what has hot sause to do with narcissism

  11. Tasha Tash says:

    “As you can see, we can’t” Ah, glad to hear that again. 🙂

  12. Chad Northrop says:

    When link takes off his blindfold, says he can’t see, and I’m like “bruh you wear glasses”

  13. Afra and Funny friends says:

    2 for you, you is me actually


  14. StopMotionShorts - And more! says:

    React to your first episode.

  15. JakeMonBruce says:

    You should do fast food famous sauce test taste. Like what the place is known for

  16. Juvi Disciple says:

    what happened to the thursday mail???

  17. Abigail Hendrix says:


  18. gokucrazy22 says:

    Del taco has the best hot sauce out of the fake mexican food group imo

  19. Bryon Roland says:

    I’m with Link. My mom is my celeb!

  20. Maurice Jenkins says:

    Just imagine if chase brought the glove to links mouth but the glove was on his di…..ok I’ll stop

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