Fast Food Salad Taste Test

Fast Food Salad Taste Test

See where we rank your favorite fast food salad! Because, if you’re going to eat a salad, it better be the best tasting salad you can find in a drive-thru!   GMM #1475

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68 Responses

  1. Jenn Grace says:

    When YouTube royalty needs to use Patreon… YouTube is broken.

    • Ryan Crell says:

      Jenn Grace They have been pretty clear that they aren’t doing this to finance GMM. They already do that with ads. The Mythical Society is content they are making that will be extra and ad-free. So the way to make sure everyone involved (RandL and the crew) gets paid, is to charge for it.

    • Eugenio Calvo says:

      Yeah, they talk more about it on last saturday’s LTAT. They said that Patreon helped them with the tech, but it’s entirely theirs; and it’s a way to make sure more ad-free content gets made.

    • tara crane says:

      They post 10 monetized videos a week…I think they’re okay.

    • samtheking25 says:

      nah they’re rich trust me

    • Simone Poinga-HIll says:

      Ryan Crell I think they’re using it to finance other projects they’ve got coming up

  2. Wake me when we get there Huh says:

    Tier 4 is watching cotton candy randy wearing all of Links underwear and then refolding them and placing them back in the drawer

  3. Megan Garcia says:

    “You ever see a tortilla strip?”
    “No i dont have that kind of cash”

  4. COOKIE WOKE says:

    Link eats animal testicles all the time, but refuses to put a tomato in his mouth

  5. Mauve says:

    Ah, I remember when the behind-the-scenes videos were posted to a side channel. Good times

  6. Radish says:

    Every single time I see the ranked board for these taste tests, I always understand the puns less and less as the rank gets higher

  7. Rose says:

    “I love an inclusive salad” ? 2019 where salads are racially inclusive

  8. Seth Rigsby says:

    Glad y’all didn’t try a Chik-fil-a’ salad. I would’ve hated to see only one salad on the table cause all the rest were so bad in comparison that you put them on the floor to the right of “It’s Kale-ing me.”

  9. Melanie Rose says:

    Rhett -“Have you ever seen a tortilla strip?”
    Link -“Nah, I don’t have that kind of cash.”
    Omg ?????

  10. crawfordbrown75 says:

    Dear editors:
    Plz make the institution logos larger and more readable for non US viewers – thanks!!

  11. Brian Balbuena says:

    Huge character development from Link! The old link wouldn’t even look at a tomato. This one pokes it ?

  12. Flamecrew9 At roblox says:

    *watches this while eating a bag of chips*

  13. Blackey says:

    I made a chicken salad after I watched this. The damn thing won’t even eat it.

  14. Julian Williams says:

    “Theres a cranberry in here”

  15. Jeff Longhamme says:

    RiGhT In fROnT Of mY SALaD

  16. Mr. Tattoo ASMR says:

    The only unhealthy salad.
    a fast-food one.

  17. Christi Thornburg says:

    Anyone else notice for the Wendy’s salad Link pretty much just ate several apples and then some bacon? ?‍♀️

  18. Takyuaki says:

    the reason burger king lost is because of burger king foot lettuce

  19. bransen puckett says:

    If Chick-fil-A was in here it would be number 1 for sure

  20. Too Much says:

    These are the only 2 men I could watch eat salad and find it enjoyable.

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