Fat Joe, Wu-Tang Clan & More Shook Us WIth Their Legendary Performance | HIp Hop Awards ’22

Fat Joe, Wu-Tang Clan & More Shook Us WIth Their Legendary Performance | HIp Hop Awards ’22

Watch legends Dead Prez, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Fat Joe, Remy ma, Lil’ Flip, David Banner, Project Pat, Three Six Mafia, and Wu-Tang Clan perform their hits on the 2022 Hip Hop Awards stage. #HipHopAwards22 #HipHopAwards #BET

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31 Responses

  1. PopkillerTV says:

    That’s incredible tribute for Loud’s legacy, pure hip-hop in it’s finest

  2. DJ Ridlah says:

    Whoever was the producer for this years bet awards needs his/her flowers. This is hip hop this is culture. From million dollaz worth of game, drink champs, the legends, loud records, Trina, Joey badazz performance, to the new up and coming, glo,etc to dna/k shine….and on and on! You nailed it 100%! Whoever was the brains behind this! We thank you!

  3. Shathani Ketogetswe says:

    All these tracks are timeless, an era when you could hear EMCEES annunciate their worlds, a time where not only the beat was dope, a time when SKILLS proved your dominance on the MIC….

    • Vickie Harris says:

      @DreSnake Three 6 Mafia won and accepted their Oscar’s Academy Awards their song “It’s hard out here being a pimp” for the movie HUSTLE and FLOW”. .What DID you win ? You hating. Pull up the film HUSTLE AND FLOW..

    • DreSnake says:

      @solo_dolo this was a Loud records artist tribute…

    • DreSnake says:

      @Nate Garcia they was ALL doo doo except Lord Infamous and he wasn’t no top 200 Mc himself..🤣🤣🤣

  4. Uncle Charles says:

    BIG respect for them having Dead Prez out there that was major!!!

  5. J K says:

    The crowd reaction for Wu-Tang got me ready to cry. So much respect for the culture here ❣️

  6. Todd Black says:

    Crazy how good Lil’ Kim sounds, literally just like when this cut first came out in ’99, her voice is patented.

  7. Triumph805 says:

    This entire line up 100% better then anything out today !!!!

    • Brooklyn finest says:

      @Jmar385 _  count the hits drake has made in his career vs. Baby is not even close; as a matter of fact, name me another rapper beside Jay z that has more hits than Drake.. I’ll wait

    • Jmar385 _ says:

      @Brooklyn finest You are sleep Lil Baby My Turn was better than Drake last two albums!
      Lil Baby killed Drake on his Freestyle Lemon Pepper
      Out rap Lil Wayne on Forever.

    • Jmar385 _ says:

      @Vickie Harris Well you need to listen to Lil Baby on Drake Freestyle, because MOP.
      I said MOP not MOB for one. Nobody mention anybody else. Learn how to read before you comment.
      MOB Ante Up is trash & no I was born in 86. Even Lil Wayne vouch for Lil Baby so Lil Wayne have a song with Lil Baby Forever! Lil Baby is the best rapper in this generation as of now!

    • TJ Avant says:

      all depends on your era and what music is to you….we are all bias to our favorite music. still was dope

  8. Rod Digital says:

    Arguably one of the best hip hop labels ever. Salute to Loud for giving us such great music and talent

  9. Keke Phillips says:

    This was absolutely phenomenal!! Every performer in this roster is a legend!! Steve Rifkin will always be remembered for wat he has contributed to Hip Hop!! I’ve been blessed to see Nas & Wu in concert for their tour this year & when I say we was lit in the crowd…WE WAS LIT!! 💯💖🙌🏽🔥💪🏽

  10. Kelly says:

    I got chills when Wu-Tang performed C.R.E.A.M. Dope performance!

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