Father Daughter Ad – Saturday Night Live

Father Daughter Ad – Saturday Night Live

After her graduation from high school, a father (Taran Killam) must let his daughter (Dakota Johnson) go … join ISIS.

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20 Responses

  1. MrBallin Jr says:

    Stop giving ISIS attention? So what? We just ignore a clear problem?

    They made it look as if she was joining our military, but ISIS shows up.
    Shows how our military can be just as brutal in the grand scheme of things.

    They make it a joke to draw your attention to it. So much so that people
    are debating about it all over the internet.

    Fuck your complaints, this is satire done right!

  2. dan Hamakua says:

    Unfortunately.some sons and daughters really do join ISIS with the
    blessings of their fathers or not. There have been a number of westerners
    who have joined.The best satire has a lot of truth. Sometimes controversial
    subject matter is really funny. I cant believe people are upset about this.

  3. Amerika_Lost says:

    come on now. ISIS was created and Funded by ppl in the US government just
    like AL-CIA-da…this was funny shit imo. Just cuz she’s not gettin’
    dropped off at college or some other Indoctrination. I think it was funny,
    but I know my history. 

  4. jdj830 says:

    Bugs Bunny did edgier stuff than this during WWII. People have forgotten
    that it’s an act of patriotism for comics to make fun of the enemy during
    wartime (and making fun of traitors who would join the enemy even more so.)
    This is exactly the kind of comedy SNL is supposed to be doing. (Of course,
    during WWII you couldn’t have made anything approximating Fifty Shades of
    Grey….interesting how what’s considered controversial changes over

  5. netterstyl says:

    I’m all in favor of crude, rude humor. Nothing embarrasses me as far as
    that’s concerned.

    But this? This is different. This is shameful, tacky, inappropriate, and

  6. PeruvianTroll 95 says:

    Fucking hilarious. SNL should push themselves like this more often. And
    surprise, surprise… This was “controversial.” Yeah, I guess it’s a
    big no-no to make fun of an evil, batshit crazy terrorist group and the
    people dumb enough to join them.

  7. Sage Moon says:

    This is some funny shit right here. This is the kind of stuff SNL should do
    more often.

  8. Nick Desmond says:

    One of SNL’s best skits to date.

  9. Brandon Green says:

    Lol Damn

  10. enterthedome says:

    Well, at least SNL is making people feel something.

  11. Sammy Perlmutter says:

    The ISIS Flag should have a Camel taking a dump and the terrorist wearing

  12. Malandriel Jenkins says:

    His death to America had so much emotional depth. It was beautiful. 

  13. MrZaraki86 says:

    Not sure if it’s mocking ISIS, or the stupidity of today’s youth that join

  14. Mickey Cook says:

    With all the talk about this I was concerned………. but don’t tell me
    you didn’t laugh. I do not at all condone the
    premise……. or ISIS at all…. Now what would have been a scream is for
    someone portraying Obama, and him taking his oldest daughter for the same
    purpose…….. Probably would have fallen off my chair……… after she
    cut my head off. Ok, I’ve allowed my imagination to go too…..TOO…..

  15. Joey Hall says:


  16. seve2u says:

    It’s something that needed to be said, funny or not. It does the one thing
    it needed to do. It woke you up and got you to think about it as a

  17. mark monaco says:

    I will never watch SNL again!!!

  18. Justin Caldwell says:

    Wow, that was awesome.. What’s all the hub bub about bub?!

  19. Aaron Winchester says:

    You people do realize this wasn’t a joke about ISIS but it was a jab at the
    Toyota commercial where the dad drops his daughter off because she joined
    the us military right?

  20. Wooly Oranges says:

    This is amazing