Father of All Bombs ” FOAB ” most powerful conventional weapon in the world

Father of All Bombs ” FOAB ” most powerful conventional weapon in the world

most powerful conventional weapon in the world

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  1. Brett Means says:

    Poor, Russia… always one step behind, lol. The inferiority complex is so obvious, it’s not even funny.

  2. GooberhasitGaming says:

    interesting how the pictures are of the Tsar Bomb… which is the biggest nuclear WMD ever created… only ever been detonated once, with an explosive yield of 57 Megatons which is equivalent to 57,000,000 tons of TNT which is roughly 1,295,455 times the FOAB coming in at 44 tons of TNT… interesting…

  3. Chikoritos says:


  4. Regina George says:

    “Father of all bombs” Did you just assume it’s gender!?

  5. SPACE POTATO says:

    YouTube Liberal Propaganda. Disgusting.

  6. TraumaER says:

    The US needs to make a Godfather of All Bombs then and make Russian an offer they can’t refuse. ?

  7. NikesBruh says:

    Youtube, why is this #23 on trending?

  8. Long M says:

    It’s MOAB bomb

  9. Josh Chung says:

    Liberals: “this is sexist you fucking bigots!!”

  10. Godzillafan 2016 says:

    Pretty soon there will be a family of bombs

  11. Satan says:

    America comes out with Mother of All Bombs, and Russia comes out with Father of all Bombs, Next France will come out with The Transgender of all Bombs

  12. Enrick6staAjr 1998 says:

    U.S.A. ??

  13. Tallacus says:

    Call it what you want as long as one is destined for that fat turd who rules north korea

  14. CrucialConflict says:

    I was just searching for The Godfather of all BOMBS… or at least The Pimp of all Mother Bombs. xD

  15. shadow night says:

    oh great all the boys are going to start showing their bombs Trump is a bafoon

  16. Undeniable says:

    Triggered Trump supporters flooding to dislike the video ???

  17. Gordon Freeman says:

    I came here because Red Alert C&C, baby!

  18. Gordon Ramsay says:

    Drop on america please i want to die

  19. Tentative Dan says:

    So much false in this trending video. But I now see why it is trending.

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