Father on “worst nightmare” of daughter trapped in school during shooting

Father on “worst nightmare” of daughter trapped in school during shooting

The father of a student trapped in a high school where an active shooter was reported speaks to CBS News’ Jeff Glor. Caesar Figueroa says his daughter and a few of her friends hid in a closet in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

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79 Responses

  1. EvilEj XD Gaming says:

    And what’s trump gonna do about this? Not a damn thing

  2. EvilEj XD Gaming says:

    Turns out 2018 isn’t gonna be a better year ಠ_ಠ

  3. Pumpkin Gamer says:

    ya know i’m tired of this running and hiding well i say no to that i we Fight back and if u die well at least died trying to help ypur friends

    • Collin says:

      bonnie rush
      There weren’t any massive shootings back when everyone was armed, that’s for sure. Everyone kept everyone in check.

    • Kevin Clements says:

      thank you Russian Bot Bonnie rush…..the NRA is funded by Russia we are learning….evil evil evil the NRA is evil

    • Kevin Clements says:

      Another Russian bot Collin….working for Russia’s interests….arm everyone so there are more shootings….there are some of us that see through the BS

  4. The Lazy Gamer says:

    Your daughter is in the middle of a shooting and you’re first response is to go to the news. Really grabbing that 5min of fame. How about talking to SWAT so the officers have an accurate understanding of where everyone is in the school. Nope you want to be on tv

  5. HVDub24 says:

    50% of the comments are either calling it fake or just commenting “white boy.” I am absolutely disgusted these people live on this Earth. This was 100% real and you can find that out by doing simple research. There is footage of the shooting happening and injured/dead students. Also, it is extremely disrespectful to bring race into this.

  6. FAM Naluz says:

    It’s Valentine’s Day! We should be loving, helping, caring for eachother! Not killing eachother.

  7. christian .j alvarez says:

    Time to break out the handy “Mass shooting in US checklist”:
    1. Send thoughts & prayers but not actually do anything useful✔
    2. Argue over semantics of the term “assault rifle”✔
    3. Trolls blame either the Left or the Right✔
    4. Argue over semantics of the term “terrorist” – if Muslim use it, if Christian use term “mentally ill” ✔
    5. Media goes berserk until attention is diverted by next horrible story✔
    6. Congress does nothing but NRA increases donations just in case ✔
    7. Wait for next one, repeat✔

  8. Rigby says:

    Can you imagine sending your child to school, and then not seeing them alive again?

    • Chelsxox says:

      It’s so sad 17 children aswell can’t imagine the parents not seeing their teenagers ever again…Probably the last time they spoke to their kids was early in the morning or the night before if they probably do early shift in the morning???


      Brooke Dressel home schooling??? I have an idea leave America only a fool would raise a kid in America.


      Mia Laciel I think they should give everyone guns!!! Kid walks up to a security gard shoots him in the head now he has 2 guns and a bullet proof vest!!!might as well send them to a prison for a education.


      Car 3 well don’t use up all your sad just yet. There will be another one soon to come.

  9. Arleen brooke Jauregui says:

    This makes me want to homeschool my children

    • itshonorbright alas! says:

      homeschooling was the best time in my children’s lives, you won’t regret it! Holy God set it up for kids to be raised by parents and family; throwing them all together and making them listen to the same thing, line up and wait, learn what they want them to parrot, it’s a waste of time and an inspiration killer. It promotes stepping on each other to climb out of the pile.

    • TheOddBallMaster says:

      Arleen brooke Jauregui I might do that when I have children.

    • J P says:

      Arleen brooke Jauregui
      Theyll be safer and better educated.

    • Captain Bill Scully says:

      You should buy your children weapons so they can defend themselves

    • Kevin Clements says:

      And thats what they want……so you will willingly give into a police state……the NRA we are finding out is being funded by Russia. It’s all part of the plot to take the US down…..and it’s working

  10. Awfulduo719 says:

    This is sad?!! This need to stop happening. R.I.P. To all of the people that have died in the school. I can’t imagine what their family are going through. I hope the schooter gets what he deserves.

  11. k-cutta Doll says:

    The comments that I’ve seen are horrible and it shows you we don’t have morals and how sick our minds are we lack the ability to feel for one another you would think that stories like this would bring us together on some level, but no race comes into play, and conspiracies about the government. I’m not against people begin into conspiracies theories or against people who have issues with race but to not have a heart about innocent kids getting killed is just sad!

  12. Athena S says:

    literally these shootings are happening so often. It’s horrible

  13. Peyton Tate says:

    Everyone #armtheschools

  14. assyrianprincess says:

    Not a very good idea to give away your daughters position while the shooter is still active. Shooters have cell phones too

  15. Seth Wright says:

    Valentines Day massacre part 2?

  16. Fullforce LTX says:

    Praying for all.
    Please discipline and spend time with your children, if you know a child that doesnt have a loving home try and let them know you care for them! People like me and you that raise a good family are the ones that will suffer, and our children will the most.

  17. ArainaAngryBear says:

    My heart goes out to the parents who said goodbye to their children this morning, not knowing that they would never see them alive again. I’m so sorry. I cannot imagine the pain you’re going through.

    • SSMART says:

      Buy a gun is too easy in America.

    • AsapNicky Bars says:

      SSMART Actually its harder than its ever been. And coincidentally their were more school shootings under Obama than all the other presidents combined. Yet he was very anti gun. Passing MANY strict gun/vetting laws.

    • Ph D says:

      There’s been more shootings under Trump. 18 in less than 2 months. At that rate, Trump’s presidency will surpass all records. Obama only passed one law requiring mentally ill pple no access to guns, which Trump undid last yr. Obama never took one single gun away from anyone ever in the entire 8 yrs of his presidency.

    • britty b says:

      Don’t make this about politics it isnt bc of who is President. Parents lost their babies today don’t think we need to focus on politics , but my heart is breaking hearing this kids should never go before their parents.

    • Arely Cardenas says:

      ArainaAngryBear I’m crying this is sooo sad

  18. slimkt says:

    “I don’t want her to talk on the phone so she doesn’t accidentally alert her location to the shooter, but yes, national television live broadcast, she’s in closet in the east wing.” -__- Like I understand how difficult it is to stay rational in that situation, but some of these parents being interviewed really need to think for a second. I saw one woman on the phone with her daughter saying (I’m paraphrasing here,) “I’ll get over there as soon as I finish this interview.” What?! Where are your priorities?

    EDIT: Before you say, “The shooter wouldn’t be watching TV.” Let’s clarify something, what are you watching this video on right now? Probably a TV or more likely: a smartphone. Other than getting information from other parents or students that were lucky enough to be off school grounds early, where might parents get more information on what’s going on? The news, specifically, news on their smartphones. As I said before (in the replies down below,) while this interview was going on, the shooter was thought to have evaded police under cover of groups of students fleeing the school. Not just that, but they were pretty sure, but not 100% certain that there was only one shooter. Who’s to say he couldn’t have possibly heard (or had an accomplice on the outside that heard) the broadcast -whether passing by a parent listening to the news or in hiding? We know he was working alone and was apprehended NOW, but as this interview was going on, the parents did not know that. I just don’t think it was a smart decision to talk about almost exactly where her location is if you’re trying your best to keep her safe. Again, I don’t blame the parents for making mistakes like these in such a frantic situation, I just think it’d be common sense not to publicly broadcast where she was.

  19. Gisma D says:

    How is your child trapped inside a school with a killer but this man is calm asf?!! Let this be my child id be having a panic attack. This doesn’t sound right….

  20. Name Changed says:

    This must be stopped we need metal detectors in our schools for our safety. This will stop this kind of shootings …. well it will stop them during school at least . All my prayers go towards the families and the lost ones.

    • Jimmybeck14 says:

      Name Changed we need to ban white people

    • Givulinovich says:

      20 Year old Lightskin When anyone thinks of their city’s schools It’s likely to be quite a few buildings. Each building has multiple entrances. I doubt that a metal detector can do squat to stop some kid opening a window and bringing in a bag. We all need to get a grip. Then we need to protest the NRA coast to coast.

    • Joe Jane says:

      We need to ban black and latino people, they commit disproportionate amounts of crime.
      Whoops, guess _that’s_ racist, and not what you said.

    • Lavarious says:

      Metal detectors wouldn’t stop really anything. It’d be costly and take a huge chunk of the day away for scanning and would be bypassed by anyone that really wanted to get past it unless the buildings were completely rebuilt. And that isn’t going to happen.

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