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58 Responses

  1. Gigi M. says:

    The girl “you just showing off” like ok I would be too if I could afford that for my dad 😂

  2. Erika Barajas says:

    Omg my hearttttt. How proud he is that he has two daughters who can spoil him. This is everything ❤️

  3. MT Garcia says:

    I love how genuinely happy he was and how he thought he wasn’t deserving of the gifts just shows how humble he is and que no se le subió that his daughters have money. Peep the haters in the back stay away from them girl. Son pura envidia esas viejas. I love you alondra! Can’t wait for Evelyns channel

  4. Valentina Mendoza says:

    I love how you and your sister are coming closer and closer and there’s nothing more important than seeing your dad happiness🥺. I love you Alo you make my days go even better everytime you upload a new video. Sending you love and positive energy💕❤️

  5. delia tapia says:

    Who is that loud lady in the back with the black sweater!!! She was kinda annoying me.

  6. Daisy Rodriguez says:

    When he said “yo merezco tanto?” 😭😭❤️

  7. Alexis Santana says:

    The lady trying to steal the hat 😂

  8. Jocelyn Enriquez says:

    There’s always the part of the family that always lowkey hates lmaooo 😭😭 so happy for you dad!! He deserves daughters like y’all!

  9. Dallana Rodriguez says:

    I can’t wait for the day you get to buy him a mamalona and house 💯

  10. Samantha Robles says:

    Am I the only one who heard the “girl you just showing off rn” like it’s not showing off, it’s getting what this amazing father deserves

  11. Marissa Rayas says:

    Mexican dads deserve more than we can afford because they go to work in the hot sun to keep us in the cold air and they give us the best. I’m glad I had a chance to have a dad better then I deserve

  12. Karina Lopez says:

    $Kariibeautyy I like how alo had to address how Benny isn’t with her for all you nosy people 😂😂

  13. TouchOfAdr says:

    The fact that she was not tryna get the step mom in the picture at the end🤣😂😂

  14. chely99 says:

    Me: crying bc their dad is crying
    My Dad: hey babosa why are you crying?
    Me: crying more bc Im so grateful for having my dad

  15. pahola molina says:

    Las primas all hating lol “ok girl you just showing off now” lol I would give the world to my dad. Your daddy deserves it honey!

  16. Crystal Zabala says:

    The lady behind him thoe 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ muevanlaaaa!!! 😂😂😂 aww the bond you’ll have with youlls dad 💙👌🏼😭

  17. Aryam Rome says:

    The lady recording on the back got on my nerves 😰😰 I think she killed the moment ☹️☹️☹️

  18. Ashley Huesca says:

    3:40 the girl in the background “girl you just showing off right now”🙄 stay hating like it’s for her dad, Alondra is just giving her father nice and expensive gifts for Father’s Day. If she can afford nice and expensive gifts then let her give, nothing wrong giving nice expensive gift to the ones you love❤️ Idk if she is Alondra cousin or what but if it is don’t be hating on family 🤦‍♀️

  19. Llenny Santana says:

    I feel like the lady that was recording her dad was kinda rude taking the hat off😒 like wth let him enjoy his presents it’s his day .. Happy Father’s Day to your dad Alondra❤️☺️

  20. Tierra Edison says:

    Alondra be getting her dad’s gifts like “I got a whole lotta cash” 😂 $tierraedison14

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