Faygo Soda Taste Test

Faygo Soda Taste Test

Alex and Mythical Chef Josh join us for a Faygo Taste Test!  GMMore #1493

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80 Responses

  1. Lithdoran says:

    Michigan represent!

  2. OneInchDeep says:

    Juggalo’s give these guys a like and a follow

  3. Zach Presnell says:

    I grew up on faygo, but I’m on the east coast. They have a cotton candy soda that’s pretty good.

  4. montana nall says:

    Josh looks like he is just here for a liter of cola

  5. Danielle S says:

    I got so excited when I saw Faygo. Detroit representing ?

  6. Avry Sciole says:

    i like how they got all their cups already but as alex is pouring he’s grabbing fresh cups and the table is being filled with cups slowly

    • honeysweetbusybee says:

      Yes, and that made me realize how I was bothered that R&L had to share glasses in the main episode, but there are tons of plastic ones available for the More show.

  7. Zak D says:

    The craziest and most delicious soda I’ve ever had is Cotton Candy Faygo. Look it up, it’s amazing.

  8. Robert M. says:

    What if instead of Josh’s Cola, they brewed up a bottle of Alex Punch?

  9. Captain Winterz says:

    Oooooh yeah! Faygo pop! Shout out to us Michiganders!!

  10. Black Sheep says:

    Rhett & Alex’ kinda messy style hair (same color)
    Link & Josh’s slick style hair. (same color) + they both have glasses.

  11. BrandonTS95 says:

    Josh’s bottle inspired by Jones soda?

  12. William Porter says:

    Faygo is the best pop on the face of the Earth. I drank it daily growing up in Michigan

    • Paulette Panzer says:

      Faygo Redpop is my favorite Faygo pop BUT a rare treat way back when I was a kid and even now, of course living 300 miles away from Detroit helps. If I still lived in Wayne County I would have Faygo Redpop more often… Mmmaybe it’s time to go visit the cousins.

    • William Porter says:

      +Paulette Panzer my favorite has to be rock n rye

  13. J.J. R. says:

    There’s something about Alex that reminds me of a Zen Buddhist monk. He seems completely at ease with himself and his surroundings, and there’s a twinkle in his eye like he knows what’s up. Maybe I’m just weird.

  14. Frankie Mortillaro says:

    Yea, I’m from southeast Michigan and everyone drinks Faygo, do i know why? No. Do i ask why? Nope. We all drink it. My grandpa drinks Faygo cola every single day of his life, he walks down to the Kroger close by and buys a Faygo. Its like a thing everyone just respects here, same with Better Made Chips.

  15. RangerK says:

    Alex and Josh look like the middle stages of a morph between Rhett and Link

  16. Ana says:

    The more y’all complain about josh’s mustache, the more powerful it becomes

  17. mrcreepercraft48 says:

    Hey Faygo is from Michigan be respectful and call it Pop

  18. 5Detective says:

    I like Josh’s mustache. It’s cool.

  19. Wouter Veraart says:

    Noticed how the men’s beards got smaller from left to right…

  20. Dylan Williams says:

    Rock and Rye was traditionally a rye whiskey with rock candy inside of the bottle. The rock candy was typically infused with horehound which is an herb good for sore throats.

    Typically you would make hot toddys with this type of whiskey.

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