FaZe Clan Takes A Lie Detector Test

FaZe Clan Takes A Lie Detector Test

FaZe Clan Takes A Lie Detector Test featuring @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Kay @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Jarvis. John, the polygraph examiner, gave us his analysis on whether or not Jarvis still plays Fortnite whilst being banned.

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74 Responses

  1. FaZe Clan says:

    who’s the most honest person in FaZe?

  2. Ayaan Khan says:


    Jarvis: “im mr. steal ur ting”

  3. i i says:

    When kay enters jarvis room:
    Bruv wot you doing mate!?
    His monitor: ah shit here we go again-_-

  4. zzEclipse 27 says:

    Is there only 1 guy in LA who does lie detector tests? He’s in every YT video with a lie detector 😂

    • LaZerr X says:

      Random A lie detector and a gun are completely different things

    • Random says:

      @LaZerr X I love when someone cant see a bigger picture of a topic. They’re trying to say efficiency and accuracy cannot go with eachother. What I did was use a real world example to describe it.

    • Random says:

      @LaZerr X Ill make it simple, imagine mining in minecraft. Efficiency increases the speed at which you mine, right? Now, lets apply it to the lie detecter. If it isnt efficent enough. It cannot give viable answers. Therefore more efficient the better. Thats what op was saying.

    • LaZerr X says:

      Random I’m not even going to respond to the comments but you do know I can see what you deleted and edited, right??

    • Random says:

      @LaZerr X You dis respond buddy. I was bored as hell at the time and my point still stands.

  5. Team Zoit says:

    Imagine getting clapped but u don’t know it Jarvis

  6. Friggles says:

    Ngl I feel like Jarvis was not banned and their Trolling us fr

  7. R J says:

    Adapt should’ve asked the guy if he thinks Jarvis has a weird head

  8. SSShotgun Wolf says:

    Jarvis : *Gets mad at people looking at him playing fortnite*

    Kay : *Gets mad at someone stealing his bananas*

  9. Kubek says:

    who else realized that every lie detector guy looks so angry😂

  10. Yee Rolley says:

    This poor lie detector guy. He just wants to go home but he’s here looking bored as heck and half awake

  11. Mexican Guy says:

    Adapt: I did not eat the “bAnAnA”😭😭

  12. AmazingJam says:

    oh my gosh, this is so weird I watched the lie detector test they did in 2019 yesterday. And now this is here.

  13. Shiloh Hughes says:


    Faze: Hailey is Justin’s boyfriend…
    hold up

  14. Khozmai says:

    John: “That’s a lie”
    Frazier: *slips money*
    John: _He’s telling the truth_

  15. Marquetta Sprouse says:

    Kay: did you have a crush on milan ?
    Jarvis: no
    John: that’s a lie
    Me: cut the cameras…..deadass

  16. Trace Zachary says:

    Kay: Jarcis are you playing fortnite

    Jarvis: He’s one shot

  17. MonsterAR says:

    Last person to like this is gonna be a millionaire

  18. Dripility says:

    If you see “lie detector” in the title your going John

  19. Matthew9203 says:

    Can’t even tell if Faze’s vids are scripted or not anymore lmao, just make them REAL

  20. Zlothy says:

    no one:
    females: salty at my recent video

    • Sahand Hajizadeh says:

      Zlothy i see u all the time

    • nMeX Trapstar says:

      Lol bro. I remember when you released the first videos 😂 we was clowning on some kids in some fortnite video haha hahahaha pls don’t stop them keep going

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