FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset

FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset

Guess in the comments who you think is going to win…
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54 Responses

  1. ShortFortnite Montages says:

    Frazier:hits the most amount of points


  2. Revolv says:

    Bruh when Jarvis got 397 I started dyinggg

  3. Zurym says:

    apex: 801 offset: 798 adapt: “oh you beat him by 5 aha”

  4. sudoiscute says:

    *6 minutes of gamers trying to show they’re not weak to a rapper*

  5. Nia Geeh says:

    Blaze could have won if only he pushed it ? (only OG’s will understand)

  6. nekiwalrus says:

    Looked like blaze didn’t even try

    And he still got a high number

  7. T- Rex says:

    2:45 Adapt is literally dumb ? he said 2 points???

  8. iFxlkTV says:

    Apex: 801
    Alex: “ThAtS tWo PoInTs OfF”

  9. Joe I says:

    Lol they are low key uploading a lot more because of the sidemen

  10. Itz Moc says:

    This video is basically telling you to never break into FaZe Kay’s house…

  11. Miffy says:

    Looks like Charlotte ain’t leaving Frazier anytime soon

  12. Nchum Mozhui says:

    I just wanna know why faze banks is hiding behind the doors . Whyyyy …Ricky. 🙁

  13. Zopped says:

    When Jarvis punches it I thought faze Kay was gonna say “hOLy jArViS!”

  14. XxVicxX says:

    Offset was very cursed when he got 666

  15. Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    When Jarvis punches it I thought faze Kay was gonna say “hOLy jArViS!

  16. DX DE2TORYER says:

    is it weird how offset got 666 just saying

  17. Lix playz says:

    I was only waiting for FaZe Kay lol?

  18. Converzion _T says:

    Adapt: “You beat him by two points”
    Me: 801-798=3 … smfh ?‍♂️

  19. Hamza Gamz says:

    Like if they should of brought sensei to this challenge

  20. quci says:

    Who punches like Adapt lmao homie has that cartoon punch

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