FaZe Kaysan – Black Ops ft. Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, TaTa, Dee Billz, C Blu, Kenzo Balla (Video)

FaZe Kaysan – Black Ops ft. Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, TaTa, Dee Billz, C Blu, Kenzo Balla (Video)

Official Music Video for “Black Ops” by FaZe Kaysan feat. @kylerichh_, @jenncarter8380, @tataofficial4232, @deebillz1119, @CBlu80 & @KenzoBalla

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Produced by @kaysan
Coproduced by @KosfingerBeats
Engineered by @youngprototype
Video Directed by @jus_mh

#blackops #fazekaysan #kylerichh #jenncarter #TaTa #deebillz #cblu #kenzoballa

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37 Responses

  1. FaZe Kaysan says:

    Who had the hardest verse?? 🔥

  2. ohspay ϟ says:

    kaysan is actually gonna blow way more him putting all these people together is fire

  3. Rap Nation says:

    they did their thing 🔥

  4. Idk says:

    Proud of all of them on this song, this gonna take them even further.

    • Idk says:

      @Spazzism Had this pfp ever since the album came out 🙏🏾

    • Spazzism says:

      W pfp

    • Idk says:

      @Joshua Nah I know they all got hella clout, im in tune but you gotta understand Kaysan has connections… like big mainstream connections with not just rappers but streamers like Kai who has 80k people watching him sleep. So it’s a trade off and a business move, like all Collabs are.

    • Joshua says:

      Bro nooo this is suppose to be publicity for FaZe kaysan 😭😭 U know how much FaZe funded for this?

  5. LAW - Tutorials says:

    This collab is straight fire, each verse is more lit than the last. Kaysan you’re a genius bringing all these talented artists together. Can’t wait to see what’s next 💪🏼💯

  6. KiDD NepTune says:

    This is like a Drill All-star 💫 lineup🔥🔥. All on one song‼️

  7. -Deathツ says:

    Kaysan is really on track to being one of the greatest producers of this generation, I respect the grind and the come up and I can tell he puts a lot of effort into his music big W big ksw shit

  8. Ari🤍 says:

    This the best song I’ve heard in a while this was 🔥🔥all their voices mixed together so good on this track

  9. Young Shiva says:

    Kenzo and KR never disappoint

  10. Nightei says:

    An unexpected collab we never knew we needed 🔥🔥

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