FaZe vs. FaZe – Basketball Challenge

FaZe vs. FaZe – Basketball Challenge

10 FaZe Members, 1 basketball… how do you think its gonna go?
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60 Responses

  1. AnotherDubW says:

    Remember when Adapt beat Ricegum in a 1 on 1.

  2. Aj Leybo says:

    The real question is,

    Where’s my man banks

    • Flare Orbs says:

      He doesn’t usually show up in these types of videos, but often shows up in challenge videos. I guess he doesn’t like playing sports and shit lol

  3. Unitgamer_03 says:

    Don’t do it

    You will never be cursed like and sub to activate

  4. The Pumpkinator says:

    anyone notice that apex talked so much but didnt do anything lol ??

  5. Apex Juju says:

    90% of the video is Apec bullying Nikan lmao

  6. Czarr IV says:

    I want to watch a whole tournament. Not just one video. This was enjoyable to watch!

  7. G0AT GAMING says:


    great content tho
    Cop some FaZe merch

  8. 100 likes with no talent says:

    Faze Blaze out here showing off his *Bone Plated Armour* .

  9. Cypress Gamer says:

    Faze rug is probably the best basketball player in faze because of Brandon aka brawadis (faze rug brother) ??

  10. Rollie kxmui says:

    This is Todd –>? don’t let him drown in the comments

  11. wHY nOT says:

    Why didn’t Orba get the ball ?

    He could have trickshot the basketball ?

  12. 1000 subscribers with no videos S says:

    All these other faze youtubers in this video are kind of irrelevant compared to rug

    Like if u agree

  13. Xhenoz says:

    I like how there just a guy stretching while there playing?????

  14. Brenden French says:

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that rug basically carried adapts team ??

  15. Zapsst says:

    Blaze didn’t break his leg and in my book that is mission accomplished.

  16. crackheadcarljr says:

    3:05 , the one kid on the playground performing an exorcism…

  17. Nahtzz says:

    “We got blaze with no shirt again”

    LMAO ?

  18. Oneal Ashour says:

    Orba was just jogging over there and even the basketball didn’t hit him

  19. Typical Gamer79 says:

    Make this blue if u love faze clan???and comment your favourite faze member

  20. EpicFire YT says:

    Day 1 of asking them to make another Arm Wrestling video with nickmercs

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