FBI Admits It Failed To Investigate Tip About Accused Florida School Shooter In January | TIME

FBI Admits It Failed To Investigate Tip About Accused Florida School Shooter In January | TIME

The FBI admitted Friday that it received a detailed tip about accused Florida school shooter Nikloas Cruz in January, but failed to follow up and investigate.
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FBI Admits It Failed To Investigate Tip About Accused Florida School Shooter In January | TIME

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74 Responses

  1. Kathy Myers says:

    Yeah. We believe you.

  2. pete smith says:

    class action lawsuit by families…slam dunk wins…………

  3. InabilityToBeBrief says:

    Too busy looking for Russian hackers.

  4. Power to the Sheeple says:

    The FBI was too busy creating fake dossiers to look into the tips on the shooter.

    • MephiR12.11 m says:

      You guys are being a little unfair, the FBI was really busy at the time _NOT_ investigating the scene of the Russian hacking (i.e. – the DNC servers). Yeah, that was sarcasm.

    • Dead or alive your're coming with me says:

      TheyCallMeBlackBeard I’m pretty sure your tone would be different if your kid was murdered. Ya they thought like you and didn’t take it serious now 17 people are dead. Congrats you qualify to be a FBI agent.

    • Sue Donym says:

      TheyCallMeBlackBeard Someone who was either a friend of the shooter or knew the shooter called the FBI tip hotline and reported his erratic behavior, obsession with murder and gun collection. I believe that’s the tip being referred.

  5. A BlakeHall says:

    Props for at least admitting it and not blowing smoke over the whole thing. Not saying this makes it okay.

  6. Great Devourer says:

    FBI y’all are fucking up for real

  7. Emmett Montanaro says:

    They only had his name, ip address, and his social media. What BS…

    • Duck says:

      Hi computer science guy here you are all dumb

    • Bytes In Flight says:

      You’re right. FBI contacts YouTube. YouTube determines what public IP Addresses have been used to access his Google+ account from their web server logs… and depending on who owns those public IPs they can build a case from there. The only way he could have remained anonymous is if he has always accessed his Google+ account and YouTube through a proxy. But even then I don’t doubt the NSA and other agencies couldn’t piece it back together. Complete FBI fail.

    • George Assbutt says:


      Fair point, but his YouTube username was his literal first and last name. I doubt he had any intention to, or even knowledge of, hiding his IP. After all, he’s just a kid. A sick one who committed an atrocity, perhaps, but a child nonetheless. A hateful, sad child in over his head forcing himself into the nation’s spotlight in the worst way imaginable. It would almost be sad if it wasn’t so terrible. Regardless, please don’t confuse understanding for sympathy. Child murderers get the rope.

    • Joshua Park says:

      Honestly I don’t blame them. You could have all the Intel in the world, but what’s the point of that if you don’t have enough manpower to look into that intel? Plus there’s far too many people to investigate

  8. Wayne Fisher says:

    Must be to busy trying to rig the election for Hillary and then when the bozo’s couldn’t even do that they went after Trump trying to frame him. The FBI should be done away with what a bunch of scum !

    • PRINCE ALI Fabulous He Ali Ababwa says:

      God, you are dumb. Not everything is political idiot. People died and you’re worried about your oh so precious Trump.

    • Joey Brownfield says:

      Wayne Fisher
      Maybe Hillary wants these Mass shooting. After all she does have them in her pocket. The deep state pushing their agenda. We already Know the FBI doesn’t like evidence. Like the left don’t like facts. Politicians endangering people’s lives for their own agenda! Just sad.

    • Ross says:

      Defending our Republic and our election process from corrupt government agents using their authority and lying to courts to spy on political opposition is important. You’re the dumb one.

  9. Freedom Holders says:

    They wanted it to happen so they can try and push gun control.

    • Bransen Smith says:

      Bob Johnson i know! The stupidest remark i have ever heard in my life.

    • Yankee Fan101 says:

      Freedom Holders
      “I play with your mom every night” Wow man, so original and well thought out comeback. I’ve never seen that one before, lol. That’s the best you can do? That’s literally the most unoriginal, immature, weakest, comeback ever. At least put some effort in.

    • George Assbutt says:

      Yankee Fan101
      Says the nerd who’s Mom gets banged every night

    • Wolfpack Q says:

      Freedom Holders that’s why my mom was talking about a guy with a small dick

  10. IAMTHEMAN says:

    Morons do your job

    • Larry Fuckle says:

      IAMTHEMAN uve been reported to fbi for anti american sentiments..lets hope they do and see how you feel 😄😄..your ignorant to history and probably never read for your own enjoyment !

  11. Sharon Miller says:

    I hope every family who lost a loved on sues the crap out of the feds

    • Eatmore Icecream says:

      You America hating racist Mexican. If that were the case this empty suit from the corrupt Obama dirty cop FBI would have said so.


    • TheyCallMeBlackBeard says:

      yeah! if i want the FBI to actually be doing something useful, rather than hunting down 12 year olds for youtube comments, i must hate america!

    • Trippy Socrates says:

      US penal code 14 subsection 1986 under the 2nd rights act says the feds can’t get sued for not doing their job, this was the case for castle rock pd vs Gonzalez in 2005

    • Larry Fuckle says:

      Sharon Miller im reporting you to fbi

    • Larry Fuckle says:

      TheyCallMeBlackBeard ..right? Did everyone lose there fucking minds…what we need is a clandestine armed organization of un-named men watching everything and investigating every edgy youtube comment by pre arresting people apparently..i wish more people read fuckin books! Not a good idea people are proposing in these comments

  12. Leslie Cervantes says:

    Okay… but look at how quick regular individuals were at finding his social media accounts before they were taken down by fbi. A quick search through ig, Facebook of his name would have lead police to see the imagers of him with guns and this could have been prevented! How much time or resources does it really take to fucking do a simple search this that! Are you kidding me

    • TheyCallMeBlackBeard says:

      mainly personal experience, i’ve read at least a thousand comments by now that, if taken overly-seriously, would get the person investigated by the FBI. hopefully the FBI didn’t waste any time investigating them though, because i know it’s all low-class “edgy” “jokes”. i’m glad the FBI realizes this and doesn’t waste time on it.

    • TheyCallMeBlackBeard says:

      here i’ll give you an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObooktJoHag go to 2:35 in this video. should the donator be investigated as a pedophile? just for making a pedophilia-related joke? should we assume he’s actually fucking a 12 year old and go investigate that? if your answer is yes, that’s why you don’t have a job that’s worth a damn, you’d waste time on stupid ass shit.

    • Larry Fuckle says:

      Why cant everyone be watched all the time by armed unknown men (fbi)…that would fix everything..cmon people.. im reporting all of you to fbi

  13. A regular Plumbus says:

    They’re too busy chasing those pesky Russian hackers.

  14. david r says:

    They were too busy focusing on how to destroy Trump’s presidency. They lied. They failed. Again.

    • Alex Lee says:

      Trump=obstruction of justice

    • George Assbutt says:

      David Chavez
      Ah of course, CNN or something else that strokes your previous existing bias, nothing thought provoking or dissenting to the firm position you have and do not intend on adapting regardless of whether or not this guy links you a source.

    • David Chavez says:

      If he wants to link me to a credible source I’ll read it, the sites I mentioned above aren’t just biased but fake news. The WSJ is conservative but there still a credible news source. And CNN? Since when is CNN biased. Just because your president calls them fake because they report real news that trumps doesn’t like does not make them fake. That’s how every dictator acts, they say the media is fake. Hitler did it, Putin’s doing it, and Kim Jun Un is doing it.

    • Esl Professional says:

      George Assbutt How can you be a real person with these views? It’s so ignorant.

    • George Assbutt says:

      David Chavez

      “Since when is CNN biased?”

      Come on. You can’t honestly sit there, this far into Donald Trump’s Presidency and either, pretend to not see the obvious and blatant bias, or just genuinely not see it. Especially since you seem to be keen on fact checking. But why fact check CNN, right? They wouldn’t dare report a falsehood…

      Except for the time they reported Comey was going to refute Trump’s claim of him not being under investigation in a testimony.

      Or the time they claimed Scaramucci was under senate investigation

      Or the time they reported Republicans
      partially funded the Steele dossier

      Or what about the time Trump went to Japan and got called out for dumping an entire box of fish food into a pond. I guess it was just an accident they cut Japan’s leader doing it before him. Whoops.

      Or the time they took him out of context in regards to an automotive business deal and claimed he was ignorant to the fact Japan manufactured in America.

      Or maybe the time they reported Don Jr received Wikileaks information ahead of its public release.

      But no you’re probably right. I mean, it’s not like they make money off of clicks and capturing people’s attention.
      Makes you wonder how they can even hate him. He’s made them a fortune. Kinda funny, no? I’m not gonna link any of my claims. Look ‘em up. I dare you.

  15. Don Karnage says:

    Almost every one of these recent “tragedies” the FBI was warned and didn’t investigate or investigated and let the people go free without proper surveillance or restrictions. Whether its giving Ramzi Yousef real bomb materials in 1993 WTC bombing. Not doing proper investigation into the 9/11 hijackers taking flight lessons. An actual FBI agent was following the terrorists in Garland, Texas. Not following up on threats like the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Not investigating radicals with mental issues like the kid in Florida. How many times does the FBI get a pass?

    • Trippy Socrates says:

      They’re protected under the 2nd rights act. Look up Supreme Court case castle rock vs Gonzalez. The feds literally have no legal obligation to do their job.

    • Angela Carleton says:

      All these FBI morons should be fired! Get a group of new recruit with a passion to do what it takes to get the job done!


      Fbi out of phx was notified also..these clowns were here test flying. The agent sent several memos…The government wanted saudi oil.

  16. Richard Huntington says:

    Well, that’s interesting. But we need more laws to compensate for not following the laws and procedures we already have. Hmmmmmm.

  17. Anonymous1 says:

    I’m not surprised that the feds didn’t do their fuckn job.

  18. María Alejandra says:

    The FBI stares at my double chin on a daily basis but can’t investigate a now mass murderer 🤔

  19. mike archer says:

    too busy chasing russian ghosts

  20. Bran Cherry says:

    no fbi to busy taking care of the obamas…and letting this shit happen

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