FBI agents question Las Vegas gunman’s girlfriend for several hours

FBI agents question Las Vegas gunman’s girlfriend for several hours

Marilou Danley shared a home with Stephen Paddock where police found more than a dozen weapons but she told investigators she had no idea he was planning an attack.

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20 Responses

  1. Benji Palomar says:

    The brother said the same thing maybe this guy was set up lkke Oswald? But who knows my prayers go out to the familys who lost a loved one during this

  2. Juan Garcia says:

    It’s doubtful that she didn’t suspect any from his collecting of such amount of ammunitions. She was timely outside of US when it happens. Maybe she was helping his refugee plan after shooting whether it’s voluntary or involuntary.

  3. SuperDJBandolero says:

    all of those victims were JFK ambushed by that wacko isis radicalized maniac I suggest the owner of the hotel should also be accountable for poor security this would had been prevented in those machine guns would been detected by security Lmao

  4. Peter Ryan says:

    They always want someone to pay.

  5. cruxbucket says:

    Just like someone who is suicidal, its really hard to tell something is wrong… what a surprise

  6. The Giddis says:

    How is it that everyone involved in a big story has professional pictures. I haven’t had a professional photograph since school.

  7. John Hearn says:

    It’s getting to the point that
    it’s a crime to know a person.
    Every time the talkie boys are
    on a rant for more laws more
    oversight more more more.
    It hasn’t stopped anything yet.
    And the prospects for the
    future aren’t bright.

  8. ace223011 says:

    Its all lies. Fucking shooting wasn’t even from the 32nd floor it was on the lower level floor 4 or 6 I do believe. Videos even show muzzle flash from that level. No videos of any muzzle flash from floor 32. This is all government controlled attacks.

  9. Jay Lee says:

    A white man’s dream is an Asian woman!

  10. susanita123 villa says:

    he sent her on a vacation cuz she thought he was going to break up with her? then why she didn’t come back to Las Vegas to look for a place and to move her stuff. Instead she went on a vacation…. She must have brain washed this man…

  11. Fearnbuster says:

    I know this is a serious moment, so I don’t want to be flippant or irreverent.
    However, did anybody notice the two people on the left side of the screen at 1:58?
    I don’t know what was going on, but their actions are pretty funny.

  12. C Sand says:

    I bet she knew something and so did the creepy brother

  13. Tj Tahsin says:

    This bitch is the gf of a terrorist… Kill her Trump kill that bitch

  14. Han Nguyen says:

    Maybe her group bring the weapon to room , kill people and shoot him , they escape with no evidence.

  15. Ariston Viloria says:


  16. El Ray says:

    If we had two SS# we would get arrested

  17. Nplos Le says:

    He packed her up

  18. andrew wright says:

    so if she didn’t knew anything nothing happens but if she did she goes to prison?

  19. Mr. Koala says:

    how much did he lose betting

  20. SkinnyBoy1998 says:

    Now she can start porn videos

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