FBI on high alert after threats of violence against law enforcement in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

FBI on high alert after threats of violence against law enforcement in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

A joint memo from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, sent to law enforcement across the nation, warned of growing threats against them in the wake of the search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

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33 Responses

  1. Driddles D says:

    This is like when the most toxic girl at school gets called out by everyone, and she cries about how everyone is being mean to her. 😂

  2. Beyondfubar says:

    I’m confused, are we worried about cops or not? Seems like it depends on who is doing the threatening, not about whether it’s credible and direct or not.

    • Darth Vader says:

      @Lone Ponderer Jupiter Paulsen.

    • FreeThinker4021 says:

      Sorry, high school, I forgot, it’s even sillier

    • FreeThinker4021 says:

      @Michae Dove investigate him for hearsay about something he may have done in college that no one seems to remember 🤷‍♂️

    • Bort Bearclok says:

      @Moses i disagree that radicalism is a problem only on the right. extremism that leads to hate and violence is a problem every American from every political and religious point of view should be concerned with. as i said earlier, if being law abiding doesn’t start with you there’s no reason it should start anywhere.

    • Aisling Ruane says:


  3. Robert Carothers says:

    this is exactly what you get when politics is corrupt and won’t fix itself.

  4. 5837654932 says:

    What they need to prepare for is when people can’t find food because of what’s happening to the farmers around the world. And what’s going to happen when people can’t afford to heat their home. When it all becomes the majority feeling the pain and struggle that’s when they need to worry because we will get there and no party will be immune from the anger. I can’t tell the amount people from both parties who have told me things like, I have worked so hard for so long to save up for a downpayment for a home or a vehicle and I can’t get it because I won’t be able to make the payments unless I take another job. They see banks, investment firms and corporations buying up real estate hiking prices. They see their governments forcing a transition with no plan.They see people flying around in jets while telling them to carpool. They see the same people getting richer while they’re getting poorer. They see 2 justice systems playing out for different parties. They don’t trust the government or anyone anymore!

    • j s says:

      @ken sims don’t move. It just happened to us as well. Make them help. Don’t threaten but say you aren’t able to move without help. Give them a bottom line and stick to it. We just got 15k. That is t a lot compared to what they sold the house for but it’s more than most people get.

    • Backyard Beekeeping says:

      @Kevin Colson The cost of electricity in Southern California right now from 2pm – 8pm is 53 cents per kilowatt hour. That is the highest in the nation. Higher than Alaska or Hawaii.

    • Backyard Beekeeping says:

      Well said.

  5. alpha java says:

    “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro”

    – Hunter S. Thompson

  6. Bee in the Body Torah Class says:

    The stupidity just never seems to end.

  7. Motorized bicycle nation 53 custom cycles says:

    Also if they didn’t already know why are they in record asking for bigger locks and a bigger safe room for the documents? If they are unclassified why worry at all?

    • Vlyden Knox says:

      Unclassified documents still have to be safeguarded. If you don’t know how classification works in government, please don’t write like you do. CUI exists

  8. NUTAC says:

    So just like when the judges on the Supreme Court were threatened? So should we be seeing a whole bunch of arrest’s coming soon? I mean, we hear about threats all the time, but not one arrest? How is that possible in 2022 with all our modern technology??

  9. R1 c3 _y says:

    Whoever is making threats needs to stop, you can still relay things without appearing threatening through words.

    I just really do not want my fellow Americans getting their doors catastrophically kicked in because they said something dumb.

    We need to spread awareness of how powerful comments are so people do not lose their god given Rights because of something they said.

    Be careful with your words because they are powerful, if you say something dumb that is threatening it may make you nervous and that is because everyone here can see your comments. Large swaths of the world can even see this message text for example.

    Do not make comments you will later regret posting, so think about things before you post them.

    Even posting anything to social media that is set to self talk on Facebook could be looked at.

  10. Jonathan Benavidez says:

    Quick reminder that they were also on high alert during the Area 51 meme lol. I agree with better safe than sorry in both instances but it’s not really newsworthy until it’s proven to have been justified after the fact. The feds are paid to play it safe. If I give my dog a monthly flea medicine pill, it’s not always that he has fleas. But I wanna be careful still.

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