FC Porto vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

FC Porto vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

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A bittersweet win for Porto after a game that they largely controlled, having chances to score a third before conceding a late goal from Chiesa. The hosts’ gameplan went as planned, preventing Juventus from creating danger for most of the game.

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98 Responses

  1. It'sAlwaysHardBeingAnArsenalFan says:

    The underdogs winning this season has almost become common. That’s crazy

    • Pixel Pro says:

      @Griim_yu_kno Actually if you look you can see De Jong put his leg on his hamstring I can show you a picture Lmao

    • IRDTP says:

      @Ødegåård 21 This isn’t even Barcelona playing kid. Real madrid fan boy lmfaoooooo

    • Odegaard 21 Grandpa says:

      @LongNoseUsopp overused joke, we should cry, our club Madrid is finished. Barcelona are way better. We lost 9-0 to Bayern in the past as well.

    • Odegaard 21 Grandpa says:

      @It’sAlwaysHardBeingAnArsenalFan Messi in my eyes yer than my idol Ronaldo, and Barcelona are better than my finished club Madrid.

  2. YotheproYT _ says:

    Wow, they put the highlights up really quick!

  3. LongNoseUsopp says:

    When you focus on studying cr7 but the exam is all about chiesa

  4. ItsBurk says:

    All I heard from the mistake was shot on iPhone
    That was needed 😂🤣

  5. Nico says:

    So tired of this midfield. How Bentancur has been starting for us the past 3 years is insane.

  6. Elpulimen says:

    The highlights were as fast as Porto’s first goal.

  7. PrometheusTV says:

    How do you have 9 players in the box and still concede.

    • Ade ToVAR says:

      @Adrian Carrion this isn’t me by the way this is some 10 year old impersonating me 🤨 get a life

    • Jay.Stackz says:

      @Translate my name nope they didn’t

    • Marc Ba says:

      @Collective Macri this is not two years ago buddy this is today and i tell you what you are gonna need to get real lucky to win the second leg but it won’t matter juve is getting eliminated on the next round anyways, can’t get lucky twice and luck doesn’t win champions league

    • Collective Macri says:

      @Marc Ba “luck”. Yeah, because two stupid errors and than an entire game of domination is “lucky” play. Stfu, we’ll most likely win the return game and you can go in your cave crying about the PSG massacre.

    • Odegaard 21 Grandpa says:

      @Jay.Stackz they did, Ronaldo just doesn’t know how to play good football like Messi does. Messi can dribble, pass, shoot, penalties, free kick, anything. Ronaldo can just do penalties and that’s it.

  8. Ivan_707 • says:

    Juve played so bad especially the midfield deserved loss

  9. Thomas S says:

    De Ligt and demiral need to be the starting CB

  10. Po Po says:

    The ucl this season is pretty interesting very unpredictable

  11. The Mobile Gamers says:

    Let’s wait for the 2nd leg!!

  12. claybee16 says:

    How are the commentators blaming sczezny at all for the first goal…? That’s 100% on bentacor

    • Becks Dennis says:

      @Anthony Saab half of what you said is wrong did you even watch the fucking highlight video?

    • Rick Nash says:

      Very lazy play by bent

    • Para will says:

      @Anthony Saab – Sczcezny was responsible for creating the opportunity for Porto because he should have had the presence of mind to pick the ball up and send it forward due to the pressure inside the box area. Bentancur simply repeated the error by passing the ball back towards his own goal due to Porto attackers being in position to press the action. Sczcezny was responsible because he put Bentancur in a tough position that he should have seen given Porto’s presence in the box area.

    • Samuel Biswas says:

      Wdym the commentators were blaming bentacur

    • Para will says:

      @Samuel Biswas – He is to blame for the horrible pass towards his own goal, but Sczcezny never should have given him the ball with the way Porto was applying pressure in the box area. He didn’t properly read the field before sending it to Bentancur.

  13. Xavier says:

    Stop treating Porto like a small club. They were the better team today, they have decent players, and deserve some respect.

    • ToastyMemes says:

      @Lumpy Bisquick i’m not a meme account lol it’s an inside joke with my friends from around 2016, and you’re just proving you’re wrong even further which ig i appreciate but come on dude you’re just completely avoiding what i said and reaching lmfao what does a username have to do with anything. like i said just take the L and move on it happens.

    • Stormz says:

      Juve had some silly mistakes and weren’t playing their best but Porto is one of those clubs that are underrated

    • Midnight Scavenger says:

      Facts bro, respect💪💪💪

    • Joshua Qian says:

      @Brandon Ponce bro respect both clubs, and who tf was dumb enough to like your reply?

    • Oguz Oguz says:

      @crolus porto in 2004 was different. It would be nice to see them win the title anyways.

  14. judah says:

    considering how poor Juve played, a 2-1 loss isn’t bad. especially with the second leg at home

    • Ahmed Almusawi says:

      @Danny Dano agree, if Juve face Bayran or Man city, they will eat so many goals!

    • Aidan Engelbrecht says:

      @Danny Dano have you not watched JUVE this year. I am a Juventus fan and honestly Andrea Pirlo is a legend for the club but he is not a good manager

    • Franklin AvendanoSerrano says:

      Juve did not play good or bad, they really needed that goal and playing the second leg at home will be a challenge. But Juventus is a team of determination and they’re probably gonna win the second leg

    • Joshua Qian says:

      @Danny Dano we have CR7, chiesa, and McKennie, 3 of the only players who play good and show their best on the pitch…

    • Andrea Fossati says:

      Not so important now that people at the stadium are 100 per game

  15. Mandip Ghimire says:

    Bentencur playing high as fuck.🙃🙃🤪

  16. Blueblackfire97 18 says:

    Full time

    5 minutes later

    CBS: Watch Juventus v Porto highlights here!

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    • Cuthbert Ojong says:

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    • Ishir Kolankarai says:

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  17. CSandSoccer says:

    Mehdi Taremi, this guy is legit. Iran have a rly good striking partnership in Taremi and Azmoun atm.

  18. Jamison Sims says:

    Lol, I already know Ronaldo was hot on the plane back home. He was probably going off on everybody lol.

  19. The Bel says:

    I’ve been saying this since CR7 came to Juve. They need a creative Midfielder. They look dead. Isco would be great for Juve.

  20. ez03 says:

    Second Porto goal was a beauty! Something you’d see from peak barca.

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