FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality; Omarosa Drama Continues: A Closer Look

FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality; Omarosa Drama Continues: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality rules and the Trump White House’s petty dramas.
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FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality; Omarosa Drama Continues: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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101 Responses

  1. Joe Konczal says:

    Someone please stop the FCC!!

    • Blue Skies says:

      Amy Sternheim
      Glad to know that it doesn’t take effect immediately. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York, is bringing a suit for the state, along with a number of other states, against this abomination. I believe there will be lawsuits from others, too. So you are right, it’s not over yet.
      But, we the people need to keep the pressure on!

    • MrBibi86 says:

      Yes! and try to get involved

    • Aki Torronlahti says:

      This is how it goes when society ignores politics and votes headlines, populists and everything goes like lobbied system wants.

      There is not much to do but make some noise again..

    • • ItsMrRogue • says:

      Im calling Eminem

    • elijah mikle says:

      Aki Torronlahti No this just happens. Once in a while the powers that be push to see what they get away with. It’s our job to stay vigilant against things like this. Net neutrality is a no brainer of all no brainers. The courts will put an end to this. It will go all the way Supreme Court. I’m not that worried, but I’ll do my part.

  2. MacMurrough the Meticulous says:

    Last time i was this early, the internet was free…

    • headcoLd 7 says:

      MacMurrough the Meticulous how much do you think the YouTube Package will cost? Will there be a DLC for reading comments and responding?

    • rockleeAce says:

      Now I’m depressed…

    • amber petals says:

      +headcoLd 7 if youtube costs money, I’ll be reading a lot more books. i think if anything, if poor people aren’t going to buy what they’re selling, then they’re going to limit access to the poor. the answer may be for the playing field to become equal.

    • Angry Ape says:

      headcoLd 7 you don’t get it do you? Nothing is going to happen but more freedom for the internet. Learn about economics and the market then come back.

  3. Randi Bobandy says:

    Net neutrality is done!? Thanks Republicans you have officially fucked us even more then I thought possible

    • chez421 says:

      Well said, speaking as democratic supporter.

    • TheUltrasora says:

      did you even pay attention. dumbass everywhere.

    • now I'm here says:

      are you freaking kidding? it’s NOT a red-blue issue. the same percentage of democrats supports net neutrality as republicans.

    • now I'm here says:

      +blackfyre storm Trump made him head of FCC but it was Obama who gave him the job there

    • Eli NY says:

      now I’m here The FCC consists of five people (3 from the majority party and 2 from the minority party). Democrats were in control when Obama appointed Pai. He had to appoint two Republicans. In fact, Mitch McConnell suggested Pai. Barack, being the fair guy that he is, respected Mitch’s opinion and appointed Pai.

  4. dudebladeX says:

    Net Neutrality died?

    Well, I hope Internet Providers do the right thing and make it so that trump’s twitter takes several hours to load so that nobody can catch his stupidity.

  5. Avenger says:

    The fights not over. If protesting and calls to your senators doesn’t stop it now, we can definitely stop it in 2018. Please call your senators and get out and vote. There’s absolutely no reason that corporations should have control over the internet.

  6. BladeWinters says:

    Troll Ajit Pai’s legacy as a Traitor to the American internet

  7. the_dead_poet says:

    Finally, _someone remembers about _*_NET NEUTRALITY._*

    • Ryan DeGrave says:

      +amber petals First, that’s simply not true. Everyone is upset that someone is dying, we just can’t agree on whose deaths should upset us the most. Second, it seems like maybe you don’t understand what net neutrality is. You should probably look it up because it is one of the defining issues of our generation.

    • Ehrn Ehrn says:

      well, now access to information is dead. so there’s that.

    • peenSuperLoser says:

      Yes Ryan. Saving the Internet is more important than other people’s lives. I don’t care about dying people. SAVE THE INTERNET

    • Ep B says:

      the_dead_poet yes now that the battle is already lost. Quite hypocritical if you ask me.

    • ThroughtheLionsDen says:

      The Late Night guys purposefully laid off until all was said and done. Remember that the companies that pay these guys are the ones that will profit from this. And for keeping their mouths shut or making a 30 second comment, I consider them cowards.

  8. Farhan Mahalludin says:

    _encourage companies to innovate more_

    Oh yeah, they will innovate more. They’ll innovate how to screw the consumers even more.

    • ScionStorm says:

      Sarcastic Party Disney isn’t taking Fox News. That’s one of the only things Fox is actually keeping. They are just going to be Fox News And Sports from now on.

    • mustbtrouble says:

      Farhan Mahalludin you know the internet is cheaper & on avg faster in Europe . Why? Bc they didn’t gift an exemption to price gauging to telecoms in exchange for constructing a Nationwide wifi infrastructure that never has been built and certainly isn’t free.

    • Aurora Häkli says:

      More fucking fees and small print, that’s what they’ll fucking innovate.

  9. Flintstoned says:

    6:25 my new phone notification sound.

  10. Slappypap? says:

    Hey trumpanzees, defend getting rid of net neutrality please!

  11. Deacon Frost says:

    god that guy is so punchable

  12. Veteran Nintenerd says:

    I’m really looking forward to Trevor Noah’s coverage

    *UPDATE:* I was talking about coverage on the Omarosa news

  13. Joshua Perkings says:

    I hate to say it, but Ajit Pai has one of the most punchable faces I have ever wanted to punch.

  14. NOBEL DJ says:

    there goes the free internet

  15. Joshua Perkings says:

    The FCC doing something that the vast majority of Americans oppose is just proof how our democracy isn’t truly a democracy. I truly hope people are waking up to this.

  16. umbrella0110 says:

    “I’m not delighting in her demise, I wish her the best, but AAAHHHHHHH!!!” #DyingOfLaughter #ByeFelicia #ThanksAngela

  17. ruben27lozano says:

    2016: this has been the worst shittiest year of all times!!!
    2017: hold my beer!

  18. Jim's videos says:

    I’m not saying fire Pai so I can have his mug, but fire Pai so we can have a level and open internet where I can find my own mug like that. No more drinking pots of coffee in little pieces for this guy!

  19. 223Drone says:

    Just so you know Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux support the removal of net neutrality. Apparently their okay with being nickled and dimed by big telecoms.

  20. MyBoringLife says:

    He looks like a tranny

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