Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462: Part 1

Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462: Part 1

A group of passengers experience the outbreak aboard a commercial plane. A new installment of the 16-part series is available every week in the AMC Mobile App and on-air during premiere episodes of The Walking Dead. For more Fear the Walking Dead videos: https://goo.gl/P1AXdM

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20 Responses

  1. Rob nasty says:

    Id.smack that stupid.bitch.for closing my window

  2. Slaminsara says:


  3. cuchuloholic says:


  4. lopido says:

    I knew zombies where responsible for 9/11

  5. Bey0nd Infinity says:

    Is that who I think it is!?!?!? If so then he got chubby….. He’s the kid
    from the new goosebump series or whatever…

  6. C.J. Nagel says:

    Short Attention Span Theater presents “Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462″…

  7. H20 Deliriouse says:


  8. Matthew Plummer says:

    That dude’s got a sidekick?

  9. alexandre martin says:

    So excited this look soo good and we have the walking dead premiere next

  10. God says:

    0:27 The fuck is praying to my son going to do?! I’m the one who does

  11. Joshua Perez says:

    Lmao How she gonna lower his drape thing… Bitch lower yours and mind ya
    bidness aight, just mind ya bidness!

  12. Chris H says:

    The asian lady gave me a boner.

  13. Andrew McMillan says:

    If he makes it into season 2, I wonder if he’ll survive

  14. SwigBit says:

    1 part a week lmao. yeah no

  15. REDSTONE Theift says:

    i would have slapped that Asian bitch like who you thinl u are😂

  16. incrediblejonas says:

    Come on AMC, she just closed his window at 1:20 and at 1:21 it’s open
    Step up your game

  17. Quad Rotor says:

    Hell nah! Home boy don’t play dat!

  18. residentflea says:

    this show sucked the first six shows all they did was teach Spanish… they
    only stroked our cock at the end… FUCK AMC….

  19. sorebumblebee2 says:

    residemt evil?

  20. Day CS:GO, and more says:

    It is funny how when she closed the blinds on the window in the shot after
    that it was open XD
    EDIT: Sorry I was look at the window behind him.