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49 Responses

  1. Ironic Dutch Moonshade says:

    Of course Lovecraft said fear is there strongest emotion. He was afraid of basically everything, including (but not limited to) light not in the visible spectrum, non-white people and the ocean

  2. Applecrafter Laughter says:

    Same I hate closing my eyes in the shower!!😅✨

  3. Adlin Amzah says:

    “just read the subtitles OMG you’re illiterate” 😂😂🤣

  4. P E N G U I N 4 2 0 says:

    The Fear Of TikTok users migrating to YouTube

  5. SuperBoy Steals yo Bleach says:

    That’s not racist.
    Thats *Spidercist*

  6. Kareena Olivera says:

    OMG…I seriously Closed the screen with my hand…cuz I thought there would be a very scary jumpscare …Damn😂..fear of the unknown got me good.

  7. iSter says:

    Hallow knight, pretty good game

  8. xxx_sunkem_xxx says:

    Ok guys lets stop talking about the white screen of silence and talk about how we wont be remembered after death.

  9. Konico says:

    What I do to hide my fear from horror movies is *I CLOSE MY EARS* That’s it!
    For me, the only thing scary about horror movies is the low creepy to boom high sound lol

  10. Le SpoderMan says:

    What was with that white screen at the end

  11. Ameya Benare says:

    Train to Busan was best zombie movie, and i dint even know it is a zombie film when i went for it. Awesome experience.

    • Cherry Donguines says:

      I thought so too! I just tagged along with a couple of my friends without knowing the plot or the trailers. best thing

  12. Jammz says:

    Lol, I thought something was going to pop-up at the end since it’s 🎃 , I was getting ready. I was Shookt AF. Domics is right we always fear the unknown. 😂😂😂

  13. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    That white screen at the end gave me more anxiety than it should be

  14. Arda Bakıcı says:

    6:38 oh god, hollow knight

  15. syud saad says:

    The white empty screen is scarier than the actual video.

  16. bts in your area says:

    A YouTuber’s fear – “DEMONitization”

  17. Chris Da Artist says:

    The very fact that Horror movies are supposed to be scary, doesn’t scare me. lol

  18. THE LEGEND says:

    Nothing makes me happy more than domic’s video 😊

  19. THE LEGEND says:

    You will be remembered for your butt video dom 😆

  20. Chill Wil says:

    Domics Inspired me to start doing Youtube! 💕

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