Fearsome All Blacks haka – Rugby World Cup 2015 final v Australia

Fearsome All Blacks haka – Rugby World Cup 2015 final v Australia

Haka as New Zealand take on Australia in the Rugby World Cup final 2015, Twickenham Stadium, London.

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Pointer says:

    The boys were FIERCE! They came AMPED and ready to play! All Blacks of old
    returned from the dead to stand by each man. All Blacks like Sid Going, Ian
    Kirkpatrick, and Grant Batty stood behind them. Ancestral energy, strength
    and power stood with each All Black today and helped them on to Victory!
    They owned the match from beginning to end!

  2. Lieutenant kowalski says:

    real team, wonderful team

  3. CrazyKid says:

    The high tackles in this game by Australia tho…. Smh

  4. Michael Salas says:

    impresionantes! !!

  5. Stacey Day says:

    love the haka. Don’t love it when the All Blacks beat us though : (
    Congrats to NZ. Well done Wallabies for making it to the final.

  6. Garv Prashar says:

    wasnt everyone voting for new zealand

  7. - Daan says:

    Congratulations to New Zealand from a Dutch rugby fan!

  8. Manu Hashidate says:

    Fakamā – embarrassing!

  9. Jen Md says:

    Gotta love that Haka!

    Haere Ra Dan, you will be missed:-(

  10. tomelifeisjustonebig says:

    The 1973 All Blacks had the best Haka.

  11. 1969cmp says:

    Well dome New Zealand.
    The best team won the possible the best world cup in the birth nation of
    Rugby. Fitting, really. Thanks Wallabies for getting back into the game up
    to the 10 minutes to go mark and making it worth getting up for.

    Looking forward to Japan 2019.

  12. tee sylva says:

    mean makes me proud to be maori you guys rock

  13. Brett Rose says:

    Can’t say I’m a fan of that haka… I prefer their older ones.

  14. Shaun McKenzie says:


  15. ADAM HAGE says:

    Love it baby

  16. Skak Kid says:

    To all you Aussies
    Have you got it through your thick ball heads that we are the overall best
    If you wanna bring up other things

  17. Agent Smith says:

    I do this at the end of the bed before I jump onto the misses.

  18. trugangsta4real says:

    Did they win??

  19. Franz Ferdinand says:

    Now why can’t new Zealand be this good at soccer

  20. maristrugby2011 says:

    No one can argue now about the Mighty All Blacks being the best team
    to have ever walk the planet and produce the best ever players to have
    played the game. NO ONE!!!!!