Feeding a City in Need

Feeding a City in Need

THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! 🙂

MERCH & DONATIONS – Coming Soon!

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33 Responses

  1. Narkar Bros says:

    Mr.Beast keeps surpassing our expectations. Hats off Jimmy..! You’re doing a very noble work 💛

  2. Narkar Bros says:

    Make sure you watch the Ads on this channel. You’re directly helping the needy! We’re all part of a great cause guys.

  3. CatPokeDragonYT says:

    Some day he’s going to get the Medal of Honor. You deserve it.

  4. imtiaz ahmed says:

    He’s not just a YouTuber
    He’s a good & kind hearted person ❣

  5. Smoved says:

    It makes me feel good that just by sitting on my couch and watching this video i may have just given a random family a pickle

    • c mck says:

      @Jarnei its not!
      We have the most efficient way of growing fruits and veg/ horse and cow food!! Organic and bigger product!
      And cheaper. So we can possibly change the world here

  6. GAMERDUDE playz says:

    There is one thing everyone loves about him, it’s that he is too generous to even be able to help himself. Everyone one on earth will cry when he retires. Good work and continue your legendary donations

  7. Jennifer Gilroy says:

    Ok but can we just take a minute to appreciate that whoever edited this counted all of the meals that they gave out.

  8. reyfn says:

    he’s an actual legend imagine the life he would be living if he kept all the money to himself

  9. Usama khan says:

    90% of his main channel subscribers don’t even know about this channel
    spread this video so he can help more people

  10. AJ - says:

    This is probably the only guy in the world who doesn’t treat himself with the money he has and gives it to others

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