Feeling Down

Feeling Down

Been feeling down lately. Which is odd considering things are going really well. I’ve got a lot of ambition but I feel a lack of focus. Anyway, just wanted to talk some things out with you guys.

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  1. Leaving Roses says:

    I’m glad you’re at least talking about it and doing something healthy. I literally had a thought about you recently wondering ‘does mark ever feel down? Does he ever feel at a loss’? I will give some context. My husband and I are big gamers. We both been to your shows, and we are big fans of coarse. My husband decided to kill himself on Halloween of this year. Our favorite holiday. It’s because he ended up feeling so down and lost on what to do with.. life. Not just projects. There’s more things behind it of coarse like depression and feeling like he’s not enough. There’s also things we will never know what he thought. But I’m saying this because realizing what has happened you never know someone’s mind. I don’t think you will go down the path of suicide or anything especially because you want to inspire. But.. I’m afraid to see you go into a really dark place. Anyways, I love you. I love my husband. Rest in Peace Travis.

  2. CompanionCarli says:

    Mark you’re allowed to be uncertain, sad, ambitious,etc. It takes time to find this stuff, so do it step by step. Explore to your hearts content, succeed and fail till you find the thing that clicks with you. I’ve been watching your channel for a long time and right now you’re at such a high point in your life that you can see how much you’ve done and you want to do more. That’s great! We are all so proud of you just remember to take it a step at a time as you explore new things.

  3. Laelaloola bleh says:

    Oh Mark! You’re such an ambitious one! It’s definitely not a bad thing! People like you change the world, and I think you have, and will!

    I’m behind you all the way! And a lot of your fans are! You reach a wide, WIDE audience! That’s a huge advantage I think. It takes a bunch of people to bring about change, and you have that! A whole community!

    I don’t really have advice… I have only felt this way in passing–and as a depressed almost adult, I can only do so much…. there’s a long road ahead of me–and you as well!

    I’m not sure how to help the world. There are lots of things. The environment, politics, SO many things.

  4. Kalamarko says:

    Sometimes looking for a purpose in your life and finding it, doesn’t mean you’ll be happy.

  5. Hexenbiist HS says:

    There are 22 million people behind you, buddy! You are with us, we are with you… Love ya

  6. Charlotte Grace says:

    mark,, we love you very much. we hope you are feeling better <3

  7. Canamfam Fanart says:

    Marky we there for u no-matter what! :3 I hope u feel better soon x3

    This comment section will always be postitive on this vid. Guys jeep an eye out for meanies! If u see them commenting mean stuff. Report them! Halp markie!n

  8. Sammy Cruz says:

    He needs someone to love him ❤️

    • MissLilyputt says:

      Sammy Cruz He is very much loved but he hasn’t taken a moment to enjoy the love that his friends and family give him. He’s looking for what he hasn’t accomplished and what he wants to do rather than celebrate all the things he’s done.

    • Sutarezu says:

      I would kiss him if I could

  9. Tobyoats2008 PS4 says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Mark is feeling down
    And so are you

    Now I will like my own comment cus nobody else will

  10. Fabrijdiaz 72 says:

    Become President of U.S.

  11. The Real Palleh says:

    Go build a house with habitat for humanity. Make it a meet markiplier, and help build a house. Do a video series of it. I think that’ll help you buddy, I really do.

  12. ScribblyHoots says:

    I’d recommend starting an occasional therapist visit. Seriously! Going to a therapist isn’t something you should only do if you’re mentally ill, it can be good in general.
    The main reason I’d recommend it for you is also because of your special situation. Not a lot of people can relate to, say having your job, ambitions or position so maybe professional help is the “healthiest” approach to the issue!

  13. Benjamin Benson says:

    if you call i will come lets do some good

  14. Alyan says:

    Maybe consider talking to a therapist? I know there can be stigma, and I know people sometimes think your life needs to be spiralling, or you need to be dealing with major things to go. But, it can be good to talk things out with a professional even if you don’t feel too down, to help improve the little things & prevent things getting worse. I hope you feel happier soon love, we’re all so proud and standing behind you ❤️

  15. Gray Marshall says:

    Hey Mark. You do so much and it has such a wonderful impact on so many people! But… who are you doing this for? Not just who, but WHO?!? Not the people who benefit from the amazing things you. But who is the ONE person who will ALWAYS have a neverending, unconditional love for you no matter what you do or where you go? A person you can always go to at any time and anywhere for support and comfort. I do hope you find that one thing that will temporarily fill in a part of that empty part of your life. But I also hope you find Someone who will fully fill your life with joy and keep it filled for the rest of your life.

    Yours truly,
    Lost in the Comments

  16. Dragon Ssause says:

    Bring back prop hunt! You seem to love playing that and as a bonus, we do too! (I miss it)

  17. Pink Omega says:

    Well, you dont ALWAYS have to satisfy your viewers because we would rather you be happy than your content. Maybe thats why.
    (I might sound retarded with this comment but its because i haven’t watched this vid yet)

  18. The_Nights_Watch says:

    Markiplier and his position is a great example of human ego, always wanting more (that might seem like an insult but its not, I love him and his personality).

    Hes at point the point where hes achived so much where everyone thinks if I was there I would be permanently happy. Sadly everyone would just feel the same way he is if another person was in his position. Its just human nature, ego, a desire for something more and its a very annoying aching pain if ignored. But its just apart of being human, striving for something greater.

    I really do hope that whatever Markiplier does next will somehow manage to help people even more than he already has.

    Also if anyone actually took the time to read this I just want to wish you a good day.
    : )

  19. Rylie Rawluk says:

    maybe u need that one special companion?…<3


  20. - JayStudios- says:

    ‘I want to leave behind more than I take’

    Mark,I know you wanna inspire people and make something great with what you have but you have to see that..you are a person,and we all care about you in our very own ways,we all believe that one day you’ll do something so great and help out this world.
    I find it great that you share your own feelings with us,I just wanna connect here and say I’ve had this same situation.
    Your surrounded by happiness and you’re happy yourself,but sometimes sadness or despair gets the best of us.
    Just know that no matter what we will all be here to support,love,and care for you.

    ~Love you Mark,hope you feel better~
    ❤Always have hope❤

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