Feelings- By Domo Wilson (Official Music Video)

Feelings- By Domo Wilson (Official Music Video)

Listen to it on soundcloud here- https://soundcloud.com/domowilson/domo-wilson-feelings

Will be on Itunes in a few days

TWITTER: @_DomoWilson1


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48 Responses

  1. Domo Wilson Music says:

    Listen to it on soundcloud here- https://soundcloud.com/domowilson/domo-wilson-feelings
    It Will be on Itunes in a few days ❤️
    The guy in this music video is my FRIEND and friend only. He’s an actor lol so yal don’t go crazy. Love you guys! ?

    TWITTER: @_DomoWilson1

  2. Jordan Gilmore says:

    GOOD lord. This is it.

  3. Ashlee and Steve says:

    Yessssss Domo yessssss ?

  4. M Gee says:

    I dont understand who the real domo is. Now all the sudden shes super feminine, nails and makeup. But when she was with crissy she was a tomboy against being feminine. I feel like she doesnt know who she really is. Looks super confused.

    • Destinee Biggs says:

      Domo stayed that she has no labels. She’s defined as a human being. A woman. She likes what she likes. It’s her life and she lives how she wants to live. Let her be happy with who she is. ??‍♀️??

    • Shirdie Saintil says:

      she never put a label on herself. She said she went masculine because that’s what Crissy liked. She use to dress however she was feeling before crissy. She not confused lol

    • CarterMuzik says:

      I think she heard this and was like “yeah that one” https://youtu.be/9H6WjPPtuC4

    • Jenniell S says:

      Y’all right Domo has always dressed masculine but then again she would still have some feminine moments, but a lil bit more into Chrissy and hers relationship those lil feminine moments started to disappear. But she’s trying to find herself and who she truly is, and tbh I’m here for it bc I’ve been supporting her for as long as I can remember.

    • Sidney Mclean says:

      M Gee Crissy forced her too and cheated and made her feel like nothing so now she is being herself and moving on unlike crissy

  5. Flo Nasogaluak says:

    What the hell is that domo!?!?? Omg I didn’t notice it was her!!!!!! You should do your makeup more like that!!!

  6. Shawana Greer says:

    Is it me or do domo look like a whole different woman in this??

  7. Seara Corner says:

    no lie… Domo be looking so fineee after the break up.. shitttt <3

  8. Ms Boone says:

    IM SPEECHLESS emoji come through…?❤️???☺️??

  9. sutiannah porter says:

    i like this a lot! i just wish she didn’t try to sing cuz when she raps she goes off ?

  10. Lashae Webster says:

    You and perfectlaughs are so special to me

  11. Lashae Webster says:

    Domo, please make another music video with Perfectlaughs

  12. IamKiaWoods says:

    So am I the ONLY one that thinks the imagery doesn’t match with the sound because she “sounds” like a lesbian. I don’t know if that sounds silly but If I had the song on without the video, i would assume it would be with a girl. I love that by the way. I am a lesbian so it’s absolutely no shade.. Just an observation. She looks BEAUTIFUL & I Love this song. Def on repeat.

  13. Kamari brown says:

    The beginning was awkward she seemed to try to hard but she doesn’t need to she so beautiful ?

  14. Deja mae says:

    Domo is so Beautiful like if u agree!

  15. Jamerican Goddess says:

    Yessssssssssss Domo! You ate !!!! I’m loving the real you. This is giving me old but better Domo vibes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. I’m Here For Mukbangs says:

    “Crissy has left the chat” ???

  17. Thelma Johnson says:

    If u been ah supporter since 2015 comment belowwwww???

    • Megan Delawder says:

      Thelma Johnson 2016 for me ? I know I’ll never meet her but I appreciate her so much. I didn’t even know who she was. I was listening to music depressed as fuck. Trying to figure out a way I could kill my self and one of her videos came up on my auto play. I was about to exit out but something in my stomach told me to watch it. I did, I laughed for the first time in weeks and I’m here now. She literally saved my life,

  18. Angela Murray says:

    I really love this video Domo you did a great job A+ ?❤️❤️

  19. aayjaygab says:

    This break up is the best thing that has happened to us

  20. Angelina Ortega says:

    The way he grabbed the booty had me weeeeaaaakkkk ????????????????

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