Ferguson Shooting 3/12/15

Ferguson Shooting 3/12/15

Ferguson Shooting 3/12/15 Video Courtesy of nothiefs.com / @nothiefs


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20 Responses

  1. Osmosis says:

    Two shots, two down. This is professional.

    I bet someone is trying to ignite the ferguson shitstorm again. Now who
    would have most to gain from that? 

  2. Jeremiah Cuopar says:

    An agent provocateur may be acting out of their own sense of
    nationalism/duty or may be employed by the police or other entity to
    discredit or harm another group (e.g., peaceful protest or demonstration)
    by provoking them to commit a crime – thus, undermining the protest or
    demonstration as whole. — Wikipedia –

  3. lucifer lambew says:

    This is probably just a false flag but… Fuck it, wheres the music! 2
    things wrong with this video though… #1, There’s no blood, would have
    been tight to see blood gushing from there bodies… #2, There’s no really
    kewl audio, would have been nice to hear at least one of those pigs
    screaming… “I Can’t Feel My Legs!” No worries, at least it wasn’t
    racially motivated!

  4. ChiefClickClack says:

    stupid niggers…I think it’s time for the “N word” to make a strong
    comeback – the Blacks have earned it :)

  5. MontanicOrganic says:

    Guess we’ll have to scratch Missouri off the summer vacation list after

  6. Brandon Nintendo says:

    What was this filmed with? A Motorola RAZR flip-phone from 2005?

  7. Alex Aquage says:

    It seems to be an organized protest by blacky so the po po can become
    targets for the lawless to commit murder, unjustified revenge. These are
    the kind of laws and nature that blacky came from of African countries,
    that are third world lawless living standards. And now blacky wants to
    lower and destroy America to become a destroyed third world lawless
    standard life style. 

  8. Nonya Busnezz says:

    0:24 Listen to the sound of ignorance.

  9. Charles Claburn says:

    yea its pay back time kill those rotten cops

  10. Snake Plissken says:

    How do you know the shooter wasn’t the same guy who shot Boris in Moscow?

  11. mike shea says:

    can we just nuke Ferguson already what a shit hole

  12. Nonya Busnezz says:

    We don’t get very good reporting from the area. If you can, try to find
    someone who lives there and knows a lot of people, and they will tell you
    about these “protesters.” Most of them are unemployed or barely-employed
    folks who go out to the area because they have nothing to do and they are
    hoping for bad things to happen. Drinking and getting high are commonly
    warm-ups to going out to the protest area. Many of these people are like
    those who watch car racing hoping for a good crash. Most of them have no
    idea about the facts surrounding Michael Brown. Most of them couldn’t
    describe a self-defense situation properly. Most of them have nothing
    else to do so they go down here the same way others go to the movies.
    This is a social event for most of these people, and a fundraising event
    for others. “Leaders” of local churches are common to the mix, and they
    are happy to ask for donations in order to “help fight the injustice”
    within the community. Most of these people have been or are close to
    people who have been in jail, many more than once. To call this a protest
    of police or for justice is absurd. 

  13. Greg Phillips says:

    To the person who said “acknowledgement 9 months ago kept that from
    happening” you deserve whatever horrible things happen to you scumbag. 

  14. Ben Fitz says:

    last nite after the shooting I saw protesters singing and dancing in the
    streets. wow, incredible

  15. sisbrawny says:

    How about the police force vacate Ferguson and let the town self destruct. 

  16. goldtop91 says:

    nigs gonna nig

  17. Mclendon89 says:

    This is for Big Mike!

  18. Brandon Kepple says:

    They just need to burn that place down and all the trash with it.

  19. trivium5 says:


  20. TheJamShot says: