Fernando Alonso Tests At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Fernando Alonso Tests At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Watch as Fernando Alonso tests for the first time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with McLaren/Andretti Autosport!

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20 Responses

  1. amjan says:

    Could INDYCAR please show the speeds in KPH as well, for the entire world to be able to understand and appreciate the speeds please????????

  2. ruben11gc says:


  3. Doug T says:

    IndyCar with a trending video, good job guys!

  4. Liberty Wagon says:

    Great job Mr. Alonso! You also were voted world’s greatest Aaron Rogers look alike! Cheers!

  5. Rogue Squadron says:

    The fact that 4 hours of testing have more view already that some races already uploaded …

  6. Walter Jarsch says:

    Is this a Honda now ? Or MClaren lol

  7. Cabbages and Kings says:

    AS an F1 fan I was really encouraged and pleased to listen to the American journalists. In Europe it is usually questions about team mates and team orders or politics. The journalists today were genuinely interested in technical issues and Fernando’s impressions and experience. Also it is really good to actually see the testing live, something that never happens in F1. America definitely leads the way in coverage and serving the fans interest.

  8. Adam Castro says:

    Who’s here after the live stream?

  9. Evren Dağdelen says:

    Reporters are like “Fernando, Indy is the best, pinnacle of racing. How do you feel, it is great, right? It must be.” But Fernando is thinking like “Wtf do you think? I’ve seen Monaco m8.”

  10. Michael Bradshaw says:

    Hope Alonso wins this race! One of best drivers in the world and deserves a win. I respect him more now than ever before

  11. Joe Hufford says:

    So excited for Indy 500 this year I’ve been going since 2010

  12. JT Thomp says:

    2::27:38  Alonso swerves to miss bird.  2:55:23 Alonso kills two birds.  2:55:49 replay of killing birds.

  13. Mario Urrios says:

    5:38:15 That happen when you push like an animal ?

  14. Jandro Lion says:

    Aaaaaaaaloooooooooonsoooooooo… Vamos tron… con dos cojoneeees

  15. TruthRadiator says:

    Indy 500 should be part of the f1 world championship agenda OBVIOUSLY!

  16. Jev Dedalus Gaming says:

    He’ll be able to have a quick nap during the pit stops now… 😉

  17. Tom Griffin says:

    must of felt strange running a Honda engine that didn’t break down

  18. z00h says:

    Alonso is such an amazing character. Can’t wait to see him during official practice session.

  19. Unregistered HyperCam 2 says:

    I guess that’s how they make popcorn chicken.

  20. NATO 5 says:

    Only use to seeing this track with Jeff Gordon winning xD

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